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Wolf Ortus
Elizabeth is a wolf-dominant hybrid and it clearly shows. Her fur is medium length and thick. In most circumstance, it is well maintained and shines of health. In her Optime form, she usually leaves her hair down to flow. She does not regularly cut it and prefers to let it grow out. However, when she is focusing on a particular task, she will occasionally tie it up in a bun with strips of cloth to keep it out of the way. Under her fur, she is slender and wiry. She has a very feminine form – petite and slim. But she is covered in sculpted, lean muscles. Her body is built for grace and agility and it is apparent in her form. She weighs approximately 180 pounds in her Optime form when well fed and stands at 5 ft 7 in.

Her fur is primarily a light cream color. It wraps around her limbs, crawls up her neck, and lightens her cheeks. A deeper, reddish tan color marks out her ears, muzzle, and sides. Her spine and tail are a darker, grey color, much like her wolf ancestors. This same grey is scattered along her eyes and cheeks. Her eyes are mustard yellow, standing out from her pale frame.
Once, Elizabeth was shy and uncertain. However, upon getting captured by slavers, she was forced to adapt her sweet personality to her rough circumstances. She is still very modest and contained. She speaks in turn, keeps herself looking presentable, and has a demeanor of meekness. She embodies feminine elegance and demure. Yet, she knows how to play the social game. Her time in slavery taught her that a simple, well-placed word can be the difference between hard labor and spending the day acting pretty on the sidelines. She’s cunning with a sharp intellect and reserved temper. She knows how to use her wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly looks to manipulate and get what she wants, without ever getting her daggers involved.

But, if violence is the answer, Elizabeth does not shy away. She fights valiantly, courageously, and bravely. She is no stranger of pain and won’t shrink away from a physical threat. If necessary, she’ll even deliver the final blow herself if it leads to the end she has in mind.

Luckily, her ambitions are rarely maleficent. For the most part, she seeks what’s best for the community. However, she also tends to become unreasonably emotionally invested in what would best be described as “pet projects”, which aren’t always logical or practical. Whether it’s saving an impossibly injured cat or convincing the pack leader to accept a dangerously troubled newcomer, her projects don’t always end happily.
Elizabeth is the daughter of Skye Collins and Jazper Rhiannon-Knight. She was born in Cercatori d’Arte on September the 8th. She spent her younger years in this pack before it disbanded. She was then a founding member of Midnight Shores, following her mother. In mid-November 2016, her father passed away after a struggling with arthritis and everything else that comes with aging. To fulfill his last wish of resting in his home-pack of Casa di Cavalieri, Elizabeth and others of her pack transported his body and held a funeral.

The return trip, however, did not go as planned. Her group was caught off guard and captured by a group of slavers. Elizabeth found herself separated from many of her packmates and family members as the slavers separated many of them. The experience had a profound effect on Elizabeth, as you could likely guess. For nearly the first time in her life, she was forced to rely on herself emotionally and physically. Instead of letting the circumstances break her, however, she became stronger. She befriended the slavers largely due to her ability to read, and then one day, she picked up a dagger and fought her way out.

Upon returning to ‘Souls, she discovered that Midnight Shores has disbanded during her absence. With most of her family dead or missing, she sought out what few connections she had left.
Parents: Skye Collins & Jazper Rhiannon-Knight
Siblings: Esmeralda Collins, Ares Knight, Elijah Collins, Arthur Knight, Merlin Knight
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