Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii

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Luperci Farmer Tier I, Herdsman Tier I, Ambassador (MV) Mate to Guinevere
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Wolfdog Ortus
Standing at 6 foot 9 inches Honrin is about average height for a male although he is tall compared to the rest of his family all of whom are smaller than 6 foot. He is lithe and muscular from his active and demanding lifestyle.

Wearing a thick pelt of purest white he is unmarred by any other colorings or marks. Scars cover his face with five long diagonal lines, splitting the skin grotesquely. Upon his chest, across his heart the male is tattooed with the insignia of his mother's tribe, a symbol that holds great meaning and honor for him. [IMG=100x200]http://sunchance.org/honrin2.png[/IMG]

Always bare shouldered Honrin wears only a pair of old torn jeans that were scavenged from a nearby town.