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25 % Syrian Jackal, 50 % Iniand Jackal, 25 % Egyptian Jackal Ortus
Khepri has a very skinny figure that contributes to the unthreatening image created by his small size. His body is extremely muscular and contains almost no fat causing him to appear extremely lean. Due to constant yoga exercises, Khepri’s body is also extremely flexible and dexterous causing him to be as slippery as a snake. Khepri is also quite fast and has been able to outrun many of his larger foes despite having a smaller stride due to his aerodynamic form.

Khepri dislikes his Secui form finding it to be far too bulky to serve him well and almost never assumes it. Khepri mainly uses his lupus form while scouting or hiding from enemies using his small size to enter nooks and crannies larger canines cannot reach. Khepri spends the majority of the time in his optime form assuming an upright human like posture. His hair is often arranged in a ponytail and his fur is extremely well groomed.

Khepri loves to wear clothing seeing it as a symbol of culture and education. He prefers wearing impressive exotic cloths to catch the attention of others. During the winter, he prefers wearing a turban to keep warm and will often wear more than one layer of clothing. He often wears sherwani with an undershirt and trousers and may assume loose fitting pajamas during the summer seasons. He is also never seen without his handkerchief or his merchant's pack which is made out of bamboo.

He has Tobacco Brown colored stripes like a tiger across his back, legs, and arms. The majority of his pelt is Rodeo Dust in coloration. His ears and tail tip are Spicy Mix colored. His eyes are a striking Gold.
Khepri is at first glance an extremely extroverted jackal brimming with confidence in his own abilities that possesses a silver tongue capable of swaying even the most resolute of figures. Those canines unsure of themselves or too trusting in others should be exceptionally wary of him, as he will not hesitate to manipulate them into buying his products. When it comes to pawning his merchandise Khepri is positively shameless, utilizing every underhanded trick he knows to attract potential buyers. If he thought he could benefit from it he would not hesitate for a second to acquire and sell products that might otherwise be considered taboo (such as wolf bones and the like). Khepri is also not above using misinformation and false advertising to encourage the sale of his goods and possesses a strict no refunds policy that has earned him the ire of many a canine.

Khepri also loves to brag about his own exploits to others. When he isn’t busy pitching sales he can often be found telling stories of his homelands and his travels. He will often try to impress others with his foreign nature and is not above creative embellishment. Khepri is also deeply religious although he may not seem like it at first. He considers himself a Brahmin and treats religious inquiries about Hinduism much more seriously than anything else in his life. He is also very secretive about certain aspects of his religion including his status as a Thugee and the fact that he considers himself to be a child of the goddess Kali.

He would have others believe that he is a pacifist at heart but this could be further from the truth. While Khepri is no warrior he possesses the soul and abilities of a well-trained and highly skilled assassin. Rather than confronting potential targets head on he is content to patiently wait until such time as they have let their guard down around him, possibly even considering a friend, before he kills them. One might assume such tactics would weigh down ones soul but Khepri believes that death is just another necessary facet in the cycle of reincarnation. He is also very reverent to those he has killed, discretely disposing their bodies but doing so with the greatest respect, and acquiring and reusing any goods that they might have had on them so that nothing is wasted.

Khepri seeks targets when he believes it is necessary to acquire the blessings of his goddess Kali. He also may do so if he is running low on merchandise due to a bad bout of misfortune restocking his supplies with the goods of another (now deceased) trader. He may also kill at the request of another individual although those who possess knowledge of his Thuggee status are few and far between and should know that he regards them highly.
Khepri was born in the north-western reaches of India alongside two brothers. His father was an Egyptian-Syrian jackal hybrid who in an ironic twist of fate had been targeted and killed by his mother, the mysterious jackal and Thuggee named Kanti. He and his siblings were quickly dumped into the care of the Hindu priests of the Karni Mata Temple as their mother did not want the added responsibility of looking after several bastard children. Due to this strange upbringing Khepri became very invested in the Hindu religion and began to worship rats as holy creatures. When he was old enough he left the temple and his brothers behind in a quest to find his mother and learn more about the mysterious Thuggee.

While he failed to find his mother after three months of travel he did run into one of her associates, the jackal Jagdish. He initiated Khepri into the secret society of the Thuggee and taught him the skills he would need to successfully pull off a job. Khepri took to the lifestyle very quickly and began to wander around India alongside traders and other travelers who more often than not “disappeared” shortly after spending time in his company. In this way Khepri became a very successful trader himself and became quite renowned for his story telling skills and his devotion to the ways of Hinduism and was recognized (much to his joy) as a Brahmin. His journeys took him all across both the northern and southern regions of India allowing him to see a variety of magnificent wonders that many canines mistakenly believe to be made up.

Eventually Khepri encountered his mother in the city of Mumbai and gave her due respect as a Jemadar (leader of a gang of Thuggee) and elder jackal of some experience although he did not realize his relation to her at the time. However, after trading stories Khepri came to recognize her as his long lost parent and informed her of this. Kanti, struck by guilt, urged Khepri to kill her believing it to be the will of Kanti that she die at the hands of her own child as a form of justice for her negligence as a parent. Khepri complied but was immediately set upon afterwards by her fellow gang members who were unaware of the situation.

Khepri was forced to quickly board a ship sailing across the Arabian and Red Seas to Egypt lest he be killed. Once in Egypt he travelled to Cairo, and quickly became fascinated with how huge the world was. Hearing of a strange land far across on the other side of the world, Khepri became determined to visit there at least once before he died. He embarked on several voyages until he ended up in Lisbon, and from there booked passage all the way to Barbados and later Freetown. After restocking his supplies Khepri made the decision to visit the packs further north despite the cold.
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