Faurin McMannus

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In Character

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Faurin is naturally tall and bulky - A trait inherited through his father's genes. He stands 8'1" tall (ignore the vidual rep's height. Gotta fix that typo lol) and his shoulders are widespread. For his age he has an impressive amount of muscle tone, which is also thanks to his father and his intensive training. On his left handpaw, he wears a small titanium ring that he found under a reception desk at a jewlery store, believing it to be enchanted with a mild good luck rune. Through his hair round his neck on either side, Faurin has three strings of off-white and blue beads threaded in his hair, decorating him with the colours of his origin country. Faurin’s pelt is very thick and is longer around his neck and chest. The colours are made up of two distinct greys, the lighter on his front and round his legs, handpaws and eyes. The darker shade covers the rest of him while gradients of brown mark the span and height of his shoulder blades, also on his paws like strange muddy socks. Depending on his mood, the ways in which he carries himself vary dramatically. This can look like anything from a heavy and powerful forward-leaning stride to a slow and upright stroll. More often than not, his face is graced with a confident and kind smile, usually described by his peers as contagious. Faurin carries with him a tattered brown bag that he uses to carry his clothes in, along with any moderately small items he picks up during his adventures. He has punctured the side pocket to allow it to act as a holder for his decayed claymore that he named Aindreas, Scottish Gaelic for ‘Andrew’, meaning courageous and manly. Faurin dresses usually in McMannus clan tartan, having such things take to his liking thanks to his mother's stories of colonies past.

Visual rep:
He likes to make his challenges seem smaller by making himself seem bigger when confronted by someone with unjustified negative intent. This method helps him to intimidate foes by seeming to brush off anything and everything they throw at him with a taunting grin and rude retorts, even if it does hurt like Hell and it shows. He is well aware of some of his weaknesses and tries hard to hide most. He is extremely friendly once you get to know him and will happily approach another if he wants to make a new ally or if he simply needs/wants something of them. He often puts a friend's needs before his own in a dire situation and will do absolutely anything for someone he trusts, almost without question - being of the more “Kind-hearted” folk. Faurin has a strong want for justice but on occasion, can be a bit gullible and thick, which can lead him into self-conflict and moral dilemmas. This also means he can be fooled into thinking wrong is right - if you're worthy of the title ‘clever’. As with everyone, Faurin has a breaking point. This would come around upon witnessing the death of a close friend/family/innocent. Seemingly without warning or transition, he will turn violent and sporadic, fuelling himself with anger. When he’s at this point, you’ll know just by looking at his expression.

Sexual Orientation: Swings both ways, but you wouldn't be likely to just figure that out without him saying or doing something.

Religion: "Why bathir? Too much conflict in 'atween tha' sh*te..."

Faurin’s family comes from the Scottish Highlands, living among the dense forests and woodlands. Faurin and his mother, Adaira, were born with the virus that defined them as Luperci. Faurin’s grandparents on his mother’s side had contracted the virus during a seemingly random attack on their clan from three travelling Luperci during a scouting trip. Abrister, Faurin’s father, was dead set on getting him well built and powerful at an early age, shooting to give him a bit of an advantage over foes after hearing of what had happened to Adaira’s parents.
Adaira decided that she would take responsibility over bringing Faurin up with the right attitude, telling him stories and tales that were passed down to her and showing him to keep his head high in dark times, while of course also showing him how to behave in front of superiors. “Nae point in keepin’ yer heid high if ye’ve no got ane, Laddie.” She would say to him.
Abrister would take Faurin out early in the morning and bring him back later at night to be with his mother. During each outing, Faurin would be made to learn how to hunt and at least fight with his teeth and claws, all under strict supervision from his father.

There came a day when Abrister had decided to take Faurin deeper into the cities nearby. With unbelievable luck, Faurin returned that evening with a new toy. At the age of a year and two months, Faurin had actually found himself a rusty and fairly decayed claymore! It seemed that nobody had thought to take the keys into the basement of a certain blacksmith’s house. Perhaps the one whom had lived there was a collector? Of course, it was in a fair state of disrepair, but the weight of it alone felt like enough to cleave someone in half! It was at first too heavy for poor wee Faurin to lift properly at the time, but through practice, the boy gradually became better and better at controlling the extra weight, eventually managing to get the hang of it to be still training with it today.

One evening, after hearing rumours of a neighbouring clan war, Abrister and Adaira decided that it was best for them to leave the country, in terms of safety and lack of want of involvement. Faurin’s parents set out with the young lad to find a way of getting out of the way, and so they boarded a boat. Adaira and Abrister offered all they could to pay for the one-way trip and so were left without much but each other by the time they found themselves in Nova Scotia. They had heard about certain packs and clans that had grown strong here over the years and so they let Faurin on his way to find them. By now, Faurin’s parents were reaching their elderly stages, and they knew that now they had done all they could for their only son, now being useless to him. It saddened the lot of them, and Faurin naturally was reluctant to leave his parents behind. Eventually after much arguing and bribing, Faurin departed, leaving his parents as loners to find a new family to become part of, and perhaps even have his own family.
Mother: Adaira
Father: Abrister