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Female 21 Apr 2014
Wolf Verto
Hati is a solid black wolf with blood red eyes. She has long sharp claws that are coated in red and black paint. She has red painted dots under her eyes, on her forehead lays a design that's made like a V. Hati's fur is thick and her ears long. Her tail's tip drags the ground and her paws are massive. She's 6'0 and weighs around 300 lbs. This female is energetic and loves to play. She doesn't like being around many but she loves to be nosey. She is a mix between evil and good yet she loves to watch many suffer. She has a creepy personality once you first meet her but she can also be loving and caring towards whoever she wants. She's still a pup at heart but she doesn't show it as much.
Hati is known to stand over her victims while they die. She was the soon to be leader of the Manar pack but she soon got kicked out when her father died from the Jinva pack. She was two months old when she had to survive alone so she grew from then.