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In Character

Male 12 Jun 2012
Wolfdog (Low Content, 87,5% Dog/12,5% Wolf) Ortus
Dion is a low content wolfdog, being mostly a Labrador Husky and Siberian husky mix, although his dog heritage is highly mixed, and his wolf content coming from his great-grandmother. He has white fur with a light brown husky-like cape marking over is back and tail, a mask covering half his face. He has long and thick fur even in his summer coat, which has often led him to trimming or downright shaving parts of his body during the worst days of summer. He keeps his mane short in his Luperci form.
He usually wears his priest robes, made of bear pelt, snake skins, dyed cotton drapes, belts made of bones and wood and stone beads. Every full moon, he makes red paint with red maple bark and blood from a fresh kill, and paints his face and palms with it. It usually fades away by the time he has to apply it again.
He has a leather and fur bag where he carries all sorts of things. Poultices and dried herbs, powder dyes, some bottles and pots for brewing tea and dyes, bone and metal tools for woodcarving, geomancy stones, the list goes on. He is always carrying his staff, made of cedar wood. It's simple and straight, stained with the design of a snake winding around its length, runes and prayers over its back. The blade is made from polished stone.

He is always in his Luperci form, unless stated otherwise.

Character sheet: @ Me
- Loyal
- Dependable
- Caring
- Clever
- Witty
- Stubborn
- Clingy
- Oversensitive
- Self-absorbed

Dion is a very dependable and gentle creature, fiercely loyal to his friends, and even more so to his family, which he missed greatly. For someone dear, he'll go way out of his way to help, and will always be there for the good and the bad. He gets lonesome easily, and will get terribly clingy. The loner life doesn't suit him, but he makes friends easily. It's not unnusual to hear him talking to a tree or a rock like they've been life-long friends, when he isn't praying and talking to the gods.
He thrives around others, especially in a tightly-knit community, being such a charitable and sensitive person. He also cherishes traditions and customs, his culture being one of the things he's most proud of. That said, he can be a bit self-absorbed and will, sometimes, go a bit overboard on his pride, and not shut up about his birhtpack and family, his teachings and other assorted things. He's like a proud mother hen clucking away about nothing but her chicks and their antics. It can be as endearing as annoying, depending on who you ask.
He has a sharp tongue and an adaptable mind, and can aways find a way around most issues and problems he encounters, even if he must sit and think for hours on end for a solution, ever the stubborn. He was taught to bend rather than break, without ever backing down.
[After Catherine Joily left the AniWaya tribe, she went south with her two pups until meeting with a small pack of feral dogs residing in the wrecks of Augusta (Maine, USA), where she settled. With time, she earned the affection of the pack leader's heir, becoming the alpha along with him.]

Dion is the great-grandson of Catherine Akreon Joily, grandson of Luna Crescentia Akreon, and youngest child of the Augustinia pack leader, Araguia Akreon.

The Augustinia pack was a matriarchal society, and being not only the runt of his litter, but also a male, he had no chance of inheriting the pack leadership. That role remained with his eldest sister Helga. Instead, he followed the tradition and apprenticed under the Snake Tree priest, Denver, to take on his role upon his death. His twin brother, Gueth, was to become the Cloud Hawk priest.
Under Denver, he learned the Way of the Land, which included medicinal herbology, agriculture, geomancy, woodcrafting and stick fighting. He was also taught the folklore of his pack, and the rituals to worship the Snake Tree, Serpens, one of the gods his pack's religion prayed to.
His first two years were quite merry ones, spent in peace with his kin. Although he didn't have a mate, it never bothered him. His days were filled with prayer and work with the community, and he was quite content.
However, the pack was quickly becoming too large too quickly, and his master foretold they would have to divide or perish together, for the land could not sustain them all. His mother and other matriarchs gathered and decided to send some scouts out, to search for new land.
A day after the election of the scouts, his great-grandmother went to him, and asked him to go as well. He argued that, as the future priest of the land, it was his duty to stay and help keep the peace, and secure their goddess' favor. She insisted, pleading for him to go back north, and seek her previous pack. She told him that if she ahd to go this far south seeking a new home that many years ago, things wouldn't be much better now. Worse, if anything. It would be months before their pack found a new place to settle. Despite his wish to remain, he could not deny her logic nor her orders.
Saying his good-byes, he left his homeland along with some of the scouts and went north, as requested. His training proved invaluable in those lonely months of travel, and he understood why he had been chosen for this task.
Months later, and his fervor and duty to his pack has not dwindled, and now that he nears his goals, he wonders if this is a land his family may call home again. Where they may thrive again. Even, might he find others of his kin, so far removed and yet still blood of his blood? He hopes, and he prays, that it may be so.
Catherine Joily + Leland: Great-granparents
Luna Crescentia Akreon: Grandmother
Stash Joily Great-uncle

Araguia Akreon + Yeheon Terrier: Parents
Helga Akreon: Eldest sister
Gina Akreon: Older sister
Gueth Akreon: Twin brother

Denver Cervus: Teacher
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