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87% Wolf (Tundra & Russian); 13% Dog (Spitz-type, mainly Siberian husky). Ortus
A natural beauty, Zdravka is predominatly white with silver frosting along her back and shoulders. Though tall and slender -- though perhaps not as tall as her brothers -- she is not without characteristics that lend to her a distinctly feminine structure; a pointed muzzle, long eyelashes, dainty and yet callous and worn hands. Her eyes resemble glacial ice of the distant reaches of the arctic: a crisp, cold silvery blue. For the most part Zdravka's eyes are the most expressive feature she has, as she prefers to uphold a certain level of stoicism.

Like all from her familial homestead in Russia, Zdravka bears obvious marks and signs of such. Her left eyebrow has been pierced at some point in the past per tradition and she bears at least one visible nautical themed tattoo. More times than not, Zdravka can be found in her optime form and tends to prefer such if the season or venture is right. As she spends most of her time in this form, she tends to stylize herself toward more humanistic items. It is not uncommon for her to adorn herself with discovered jewelry or clothing, though she tends to opt for things that well help for her to blend in during the warmer seasons, or for warmth in the cold season -- a darkly dyed cloak is often apart of her repertoire.

Up close and personal, she smells of the earth and of sea salt, oftentimes accompanied naturally by common wintertime wood such as pine and clove, as well as woodsmoke. Normally her straight hair is wispy and wild, tousled at length by wind and travel, but it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility for her to tie it back or twist it into a loose bun.
"If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all." This phrase out of a long forgotten song from half a century ago may be the most fitting way to describe Zdravka. In her youth she was firecracker of sorts, lively and expressive in more than one way. But following a series of unfortunate events that spurned her story into motion she is a husk in comparison to her former self. But as it were, her life is not rife with all sorts of gloom, despair, and agony.

Zdravka considers herself a grounded sort, able to read between the lines whether or not there is something to be gleaned from it at all. Even-tempered to a fault, she also makes the attempt to hold onto some constructed compartmentalization, further separating her feelings on matters from a rational perspective. Raised primarily to be a hard working sort, she has no qualms about earning her keep and proving her worth in the right setting, though at times her cynicism blooms and her approach is prone to a fuck it all direction.

A creature of reflection, there are times when her own inabilities to let go of things dampen her spirits and plunge her into a vicious cycle of self-loathing; yet even in this will pull gems of wisdom loose -- she is a considerate and intelligent sort, every capable of adapting and overcoming with on the fly contingencies and strategies. Though not overly confrontation, there is a certain confidence about the way she carries herself and beneath it all, she prefers to stay within the comfort of what she can control: her survival. This mechanism comes out of the solitude she has kept since the departure of her homeland, though with her introduction into the region as it were, it remains up for growth and change as her story unfolds.
Born in Russia, Zdravka is yet another Russo hailing from Sobirat'sya. The tales of her youth for the most part are based roughly in learning the family trade -- hunting and sailing. From an early age her interests took hold in the particular area of hunting and the maintaining of such goods, though to say that she did not hold interest in sailing is about as far-fetched as one could take it. The only daughter in her litter, Zdravka grew up very much a tomboy in essence and was not beyond roughhousing the lot of boys that made up her family. Of course, she also held a certain fondness for her sisters as well and at one point in her life, easily welcomed her younger siblings into the world by showing them the ropes just as she had been shown once.

As she grew up, she strived to set herself apart from her brothers, steadily working hard to prove her own uniqueness to her family. Her interests varied wildly and at times recklessly and one such incident brought her to the curiosity of incendiary sorts. Not too terribly long after her first year as she and her siblings explored the ruins of civilization past, all it took for such a reckless interest to turn hazardous was one spark of instigation. Not one to be out done by her siblings, Zdravka set fire to a ruined building while they explored with a molotov. She along with her siblings escaped, though with a quick headcount she came to the realization that they were short a sister and her cheeky action turned to sheer panic and horror.

Though try as she may when she reentered the burning building, Zdravka was unable to pull Asya from the fire, let alone locate her midst the smoke and wreckage. She was burned in the process several times before forcing herself to escape, and in the wake of the event and in a solemn state of shock, promptly left Sobirat'sya. She headed for Moscow aimlessly and from there, continued far across the reach of Russia into Alaska as the year drew on. From there, she does not recall much at all nor the faces she encountered and perhaps for good reason. Russia in all its glory and in the aftermath of man's intervention had become desolate and at times, void of others.

By the time she came to Alaska nearing mid-winter, she settled in with a remote camp. There the language still bore Russian tongues and tones and she was welcomed; her skills of working and growing up alongside a good family business aided her further in establishing herself. She made it clear from the get go that she intended to pass on through and try as they may, she did not stay when the edge of late spring crested over into the early summer of 2015. Again she travelled east, content for a time simply to explore the vastness of what was once known as Canada and became increasingly aware of the lives and cities constructed therein. Following trade routes at times, her journeys then were more lively and established a separation from the events of Sobirat'sya and in turn took her thoughts continuously away from it. With the approach of winter once more, Zdravka finds herself as far east as she can go and after so long, with the open toil of the sea before her.
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