Marceline Sawtooth

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Coyote/Wolf Mix Ortus
Marceline Sawtooth takes after her mother’s side of the family with her coat colorings. With a soft light grey color for the most of her body, new nose and top saddle on her back is a cool dark grey, Marci’s top saddle is highlighted with a ghost grey color. The rest of her body can be split into her bottom coat and her top coat. Her bottom layer on the top half of her body is a tan color. Her top coat highlights the tan with a lighter shade of Tawny Brown that serves not only to add warmth to her but also to add a depth of color her to tan undercoat.

As if her odd coat coloring did not make Marci stand out enough, Marci’s eyes are entirely different from that of an average canine’s. Lacking a color change from her sclera to her iris(they are both there, they just happen to be the same color.) Her pupil, however, is not black like that of a usual set of eyes. They are, in fact, a very dominate violet-hued coloured

Despite having the wolf blood in her body, her body looks more like that of a coyote’s than that of her grandmother’s wolf blood that runs through her.
As grown woman, Marci still seeks constant praise or affirmation that her actions pleased those that she deems are worthy of her respect. Wanting nothing more than to have the whole pack admire her and only seek well of her name. She is still trying to find her to stand out in such a large litter.

While her other side of her Celine is very faithful to that of a little sister, and love to annoy others. She had a very deep rooted need to fill her want to see other in pain.

While being tough as she can be at such a young age, she loves the times when she is allowed to play in the human items that her family as adored her. Marceline loves to play dress up and play with all sorts of clothing. Bringing her much joy and always strives to look her best whenever there is a chance for her to be seen by anyone.

Being that she is girly she is not a cry baby by any means, she would rather hide away in her room to cry than to be seen by anyone (even one of her siblings). She wants to be as strong as both of her fathers, more so Kentaro.
Marceline Sawtooth was born into a very large polygamy family with the land of Souls, in a pack named Anathema, in the cold winter month of January 15, 2016, with two fathers’ and two mothers’ She is aware of just who her birth mother and father is, but also aware that Kohaku, and Amorette are also a mother and father parental figure in her life. With that in mind, and being said she believes that Wrath, Lust and Greed are her brothers and sister. For the Sawtooth girl, polygamy is very natural thing. It has deep roots not only within her birth pack but also within her family tree.
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