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I am a high school student, I'm a writer, an artist, a cosplaying, larping maniac, avid reader, congoer, D&D player, and horror fanatic! Referred to the site by Bre! (Silverfang) I love making new friends, and hope I can find some very good friends here!

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Female 13 Apr 2014
Wolfdog: Mackenzie Valley Wolf/Irish Wolfhound Ortus
Ayias is a hybrid Mackenzie Valley wolf, and Irish Wolfhound. The Wolf was her mother, and the Irish Wolfhound, her father. Her coat's colors are a grey-silver back, and a creamy white belly whose color travels up to her cheekbones. Her fur's wiry texture came from her father, usually standing erect, soft and straight towards the roots, but coarse, and curling at the tips. She stands at roughly 5'6" with a good posture. She prefers to keep her fur short, styled a bit longer in the front, and her fur ruffled up in the back.

Her legs are stronger than her arms, and her torso is noticeably longer than her legs, giving her a larger appearance when she is sitting. She looks slightly pudgy, but carries more muscle in her legs and back than elsewhere.

Ayias wears a necklace, she's fashioned out of a carved oak pendant, the carving crudely resembling an awen, stone and wooden beads surrounding the pendant on the string. She is also wearing a simple satchel, made of a good-sized tanned deer hide that carries little trinkets she finds along her travels, and small stashes of herbs used for assorted paints and inks, and different quills and small bones for tattooing bodies with. She wears a cloak crafted from a bear pelt, and clasped with a twig brooch that pierced through the skin near the neck.

She is constantly in her Luperci form, unless roleplayed otherwise.
-Loyal (depending on characters in surroundings)
-Not Very Trusting of new beings
-Easily Discouraged

Ayias is a generally soft hearted and gentle being, Wishing only for the peace, and the well-being of others, but she is not very trusting of new people she finds on the way through her travels, but her trust is easily gained to those she deems credible, and creative souls.
She is a very cheerful being, as she is on a journey to see the world for her own, and is able to sing, and paint on the trees as much as she likes, now that she has left her home, and nobody can scold her.
She is a very loyal companion to those whom prove themselves to be friends.
She has been known to help out those in need, whenever she is able. Usually this ended in her being chased out of assorted villages, which is where her trust issues began.
She is easily discouraged by those who put her down, and needs a lot of support to pick herself back up.

Her need for creativity occasionally comes before her own needs, skipping meals is common, much to her displeasure.
Her parents were kind to newcomers, and often offered for them to stay with them in the den. Ayias's family was not part of a pack, or village, they were set aside an empty human city, just on the edge of the woods. They often went into the city and brought back those who were parched, or hungry from being out in the wastes. They lived very close to the ocean. Ireland, her father always said. That's where she lived. When she turned eight months old, she shifted for the first time, by watching her mother, and trying to walk as she did. After accomplishing this, she soon began stumbling around on two legs, re-training herself to walk in this new form. By nine months she had a good grasp at this new sensation, and preferred walking on two legs.
She grew up in a moderately normal family, with her mother, father, and two siblings. A lot of travelers came around, visiting for a few days, and then leaving. They taught Ayias things they had learned in their journeys, filling her head with ideas of grand cities, and beautiful places where food was plentiful, and everyone was welcomed with open arms. They had taught her how to craft different dyes and paints, and how to tattoo with the quills of a porcupine. An older Luperci sang her songs and told her stories about the fae in the old world, and taught her what herbs might help in a situation of crises. He gave her an old leather Satchel, and her Cloak. She treasured these above all other possessions.
Upon reaching adulthood, she decided she wanted to have her own journey like those travelers, so she too, would have stories to tell, and left with a group of these traveling Luperci across the ocean, and landed in a new land, where she has been wandering since.
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