Liir Altav

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Male 10 Jul 2012
Coyote (75% Mountain Coyote, 25% Plains Coyote) Ortus
Tending to remain in his Optime form, Liir stands tall for a coyote at 6ft 9in tall, and has a large frame to go with it, weighing around 245 pounds. Along the top of his muzzle, curving upward along the top of his cheeks, and then down his back, is a bourbon colored strip continuing on down his tail. Along the male's sides, outside of his arms, and front of his legs, Liir's fur takes on a pale tan appearance, the same color appearing on the side of his tail. The coyote's chest, belly, groin, lower half of his face, neck, back of his legs, and insides of the ears are a buttermilk color. Dark cognac markings grace the male's ears and tip of his tail, while pale blue eyes finish out his coloration. Confident, power hungry, manipulative, intelligent, patient, self centered, all describe Liir to one degree or another. His long term goal of returning it a position of both status, and power shape much of what he does in his interactions with others, with hedonistic pursuits filling in the rest as a secondary goal in life.

One of Liir's most defining quirks is his deeply held belief that coyotes are the superior species, wolves best suited as slaves for coyotes, and hybrids somewhere inbetween based on how much 'pure blood' they have in them. This belief is more likely to manifest in subtle ways when he doesn't consider the upper hand is absolutely his, the mask only fully coming off if he believes the wolf/hybrid is at his mercy in some way. Won't normally go out of his way to put a hybrid 'in it's place', but might do so for a wolf if some opening presented itself.

The way Liir treats people in general (as assets/pawns, instead of as people) means that he's unlikely to make true friends, and is more likely to become possessive of someone than fall in love. Though he might throw the L word around a great deal, and act buddy buddy with whoever he spends time with, everything is a means to the end for the coyote. This lack of loyalty will likely spill over to any pack he joins, only following the rules, and offering empty promises of loyalty for as long as it's convenient to the male.
***Very Brief Summary, will expand later***

Liir was born in Colorado, to the leader of his small pack of mostly pureblood coyotes. As the elder of three children, one brother, one sister, he was chosen as the heir to his father's position and was groomed as a result for power that he was convinced would be his.

The pack looked down immensely on interspecies pairings, a male coyote siring pups with one of the pack's wolf slaves could be expect castration, and exile. Females who let wolves atop them were simply put to death, understandably it wasn't a rule they had to enforce very often. Liir being a little bit arrogant had decided he would satisfy his urges with one of the wolf slaves their pack kept, but was eventually found out, and exposed by his younger brother.

Even if he was his father's favored successor, Liir knew his father enough to know that the pragmatic old man would have followed pack law to appease the other coyotes, comfortable with the knowledge that he had two sons. Rather attached to the idea of being an intact male, Liir didn't wait for word to reach his father, and painful judgment to find him. Hastily taking what he could carry, Liir fled east, angry at his brother, as well as himself for not being more careful with his illicit encounter.
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