Helga O'Shannon

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In Character

Female 01 Jan 2013
Hybrid husky/wolf Non-Luperci
Helga has yellow, or tan fur. She has a black rump and ear tips. She has a scar that starts at her left eyebrow, and travels up to her right ear, where she got it she won't say. She has a slender frame, with soft, smooth fur. She has jade green eyes. She has claws that stretch an inch longer than most wolves, giving her more skill in tree climbing. Helga is a quiet one, and rarely speaks. She is rather impatient, with a violent temper, and she had the nickname, "FlameHead," when she lived with her family. She is extremely stubborn, and smiling, for her, is rare. She is also blunt, saying things when she wants to, no matter how offensive it is, and is finding it difficult to obey orders. Even if she has a hostile outer shell, she does have a good side to her. She is humorous, and extremely loyal to those she cares about, though that hasn't happened since she arrived at Souls. She enjoys the stargazing, adores pups and loves the rush of the battle.
Helga was born in a human settlement in Alaska, born to pull sleds. She had a close relationship with her only brother and sister, Shadow and Icis. She, along with her siblings, were sold to the military. The harsh training made her extremely fast. She had an enjoyable life with her siblings. However, tragedy struck.
They were in a military plane headed to drop a supply crate to a convoy. Suddenly, a storm struck. The humans had not realized that the auto pilot had failed, and the plane lurched to the right. It spiraled down, down, down, until a giant forest was below. The pilot managed to level the plane, but they were dropping fast.
The huge back door of the plane fell open, taking most of the crates, and Shadow, with it. The plane began to nose dive. Helga and Icis were thrown against the wall. And the last thing Helga saw was a crate sliding towards her.
When she woke up, she was spluttering. Smoke was everywhere. Fires raged around her, and the plane laid somewhere behind her. She managed to get to her paws, calling for Rose. She didn't reply. Helga had to abandon her sister. She leapt over the fires and escaped into the world of Souls. The fires swarmed the plane, a funeral for the two humans, and for Icis. This tragedy warped Helga to a hostile hybrid, but she plans to make her way in the world, one way or another.
Helga's family consists of her parents, Shadow and Icis. She has no friends.