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Eurasian Wolf / MacKenzie Valley Wolf Ortus
Lupus: 45'' (114 cm), 205lbs, (92 kg)
Secui: 52'' (132 cm), 280 lbs (132 kg)
Optime: 96'' (244 cm), 580 lbs (263 kg)

Big-boned, tall and muscular are three attributes that one could gather just one look at Shaamah. His body is coated with scars gifted to him as trophies of battle and survival. There's almost no fat beneath that thick coat, as his body burns every ounce of fuel it takes in, so his trim waist makes the broad shoulders, barreled chest, and brawny legs look that much more intimidating. Thought his coat is thick across his whole body, it is most dense around his neck, nape, spine and down the back of his hind legs. His plush tail is longer than most aiding in keeping the hulking mass balanced. In feral stance, there is a strange bend at the croup of his spine that slopes ever more downward with age. Shaamah looks much older in his expression than he actually is, likely by reason of the stress his weight puts on his body and the constant live-wire of his mind, waiting at any moment for fight to break loose.

Impregnable -- Stoic -- Austere -- Assiduous - Aloof

Shaamah is beast-like in nature, no matter how his attempts to appear civilized may be. He can walk tall in his vest, shirt and trousers as Sapient requires, but in the end, that feral shimmer of the fight will shine in his stern gaze. A man of rules and regulation, he will follow the requirements that are expected of him without question, perform pack tasks of grueling labor without qualm and expect the very same of those in his presence. It is because of this that the soldier tends to climb ranks with ease.

Previously, the King of the Marshes, Shaamah was of royal blood and lived his youngest years striving for the trophy of survival in a world that valued only the strong and diligent. With a swampland pack that fought harder to usurp his throne than conquer their enemies, it didn't take long for his lands to fall victim to the manifest destiny of their neighbors. With no pride in this pack to go down with this ship of mutineers that sought him dead, as did his enemies, he made the choice to flee the warzone and leave those that struggled to find his leadership enough at the mercy of his foes.

Gone of the Marshes, Shaamah traveled north. He satiated the deathwishes of any fool tempted enough to try their strength against his, and left a trail of tall tales in his wake as he finally arrived to Nova Scotia. There, he found that the winters were much more pleasant than the humidity of the marshes, and after being a loner for what seemed months, the beast finally settled down in a pack called Sapient. It was the price to pay at the beck of a man who'd cauterized an arrow wound for the beast, elsewise Shaamah would have remained a loner. Finding the benefits of pack life again, however, he chose to stick it out with the Sapien's. They didn't quite understand who he was, but with good intention and an easier way of life, Shaamah and the Sapiens he lived among finally found even ground.

It wasn't long until the soldier had gone up a few ranks, building relationships along the way with his fellow packmates that neither of them understood quite how it all worked. What Sapient knew was that they had a loyal protector, and Shaamah by nature was willing to fill the shoes to aid in the pack's survival, even when the heavens fell. Charred and damaged, Miwa, the pack's local medic, put the beast back together with the prize of a trade for his life. Through this contract, Miwa was prized with a litter of Shaamah-sired whelps, to whom Shaamah desired nothing more to do with than the conception itself.

In the mean time, Shaamah's past had caught up with him. Ohja and Sinner, of his lineage and legacy, both had tracked him down with the notion of bringing the beast to a grave, to which eventually was fueled by a hatred for the pack that took him in. Sapient fought alongside him, defending their home and effectively killing Sinner, while Ohja scrambled off to leave his comrades to die. To the Sagax, Nivosus', direction, Shaamah left for the University of New England offsite of Sapient to allow time for the pack to recover, and any other bits of the soldier's past to clear up before returning. All the while, leaving Tierney behind, questioning whether or no Shaamah was a good fit for her future.

After months in the University, nothing of Shaamah's past came up. No stragglers looking to fight the behemoth, and nothing but time on the soldiers side. He eventually learned to write, among intense training with new weapons. He and the rest at the University agreed, and they sent word to Nivosus that he was ready to return to Sapient to dedicate his life to their borders once again.
Miwa - Mother of Jamaigo, Zetsubou and Kaimu
Ohja - Father/Enemy - Nowhere to be found.
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