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Male 14 Aug 2013
45% Timber wolf, 25% Dog Mix, 30% Coyote Ortus
Pelt: Theron’s pelt is shorter than that of a wolf, though he has some longer feathering around his chest, and mane. The male has a stripe of dark brown, nearly black fur running from the top of his head to about midway down his tail. The dark strip of fur bleeds out into the mixture of cocoa brown and grey colors on the rest of his back, turning tan on his legs and nearly white on his belly and throat, though the light fur on his throat and chest is separated by a stripe of darker fur running across his collarbone. Theron’s ears, as well as the tip of his tail, are a shade of brown slightly darker than that of his back.
Marks: Throughout his hide, there are scattered light scars from fights or mishaps in his woodworking, though many of them are hidden beneath his fur and of no consequence. His front paws and pawpads are particularly marked up from the heavy use of them in his trade. One notable scar that Theron came to posses in his time travelling is that of his left ear and the rear of his head, which is heavily damaged, most of the ear having been torn off in a fight, while the other ear is usually bent and does not stand straight like that of a wolf.
Eyes: The lanky male’s eyes are colored a dull golden yellow, with small flecks of brown.
Clothing: Theron is mostly nude, save for the fur on his back and a smoky colored shemagh that he wears from time to time. He normally has it resting around his neck like a scarf, though occasionally ties it around his head to protect, or hide, his ears.

Lupus: Theron is of average height, yet very thin for a wolf, with slightly shorter fur. He stands 31 inches at the shoulders and weighs in at 76 lbs.
Secui: As per the usual, in this form Theron Caine stands a bit taller, and his build is thicker throughout, though more notable changes are that his tail elongates slightly, his paws grow large, and his canines protrude a bit from beneath his upper lip. He stands 42 inches at the shoulders and weighs in at 142 lbs.
Optime: Theron stands about 6’7” In this form and weighs in at a mere 176 lbs, having been malnourished in the months of travel preceding his arrival at ‘Souls. In this form, Theron grows into the slightly too-large features of his Secui stage.
Theron is a highly observant man, being naturally curious, he prefers to sit back and watch, rather than offer up his own opinions. This habit of quietly watching however, has rendered the male a bit hard pressed to actually participate in conversations. The Caine hybrid is a man of few words. He doesn't smile very often at all on top of being quiet, so he may seem unapproachable to others at times, or even aloof, but once someone takes the time to get to know him, they will find that he can be quite kind and caring, even charming. On the rare occasions that Theron does open up when interacting with others, it shows that the male is genuinely happy, and it’s good, as he doesn't tend to show pleasantries or put on airs as most would to try and get others to accept him, so it is easy to see when the man is truly pleased. When it comes to interacting with others, Theron will simply be himself. Quiet, watchful, and humble. Aside from interactions, Theron is a very down-to-earth person; he is neither generous, nor greedy, he is not necessarily loyal, yet he would not be quick to betray anyone who has been good to him, and Theron is neither good, nor evil. He is a comfortable in between.
Theron Caine was born into a pack of Luperci who placed high value on ones ability to hunt, no matter what their decided trade turned out to be. Here, Theron learned to be a somewhat skilled hunter and trapper, but his main focus lied in woodwork and the construction of important hunting tools such as bows. Those who could not hunt were not regarded as highly within the pack, but were still valued based on the other skills that they possessed. His pack was very traditional, and didn't approve of any relics of the past. Such as books, clothes, and tools. Theron disapproved of their views, naturally being very curious. Over the course of his last few months he had stayed with his birth pack, he began to hide away some curious items which the tall luperci had found on his brief outings away from the pack. It wasn't long before one of his pack-mates discovered his little stash, and informed the pack leaders, who punished him harshly, and sought to destroy what he had collected. In a panic, he took what he could carry and fled his pack. Wounded and alone, he traveled north for months, before finding his way to ‘Souls. He seeks refuge in Anathema, as he is a refugee and the pack is known for taking in those who do not necessarily fit in elsewhere.
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