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Male 15 Apr 2014
Woyote (62.5% wolf, 37.5% coyote) Non-Luperci
A pure black woyote with bright orange eyes.

Obsidian has yet to grow into himself and is lean and gangly with youth. Yet even for his age he is on the smaller side and has dainty paws and a narrow face while still maintaining a predominantly wolfish appearance. He has a solid black coat with little to no variation that is coarse and short. His pumpkin eyes are expressive and appear large in contrast to his slim features.
Obsidian was born on a spring day, alongside three littermates (all female), deep in the woods to a pair untouched by the virus. He and his sisters grew up with no knowledge of Luperci existence, sheltered from the world in a pocket of hard to reach territory. They were taught what they needed to learn to survive and were told no stories or fables. When they were old enough they split from their parents, the girls formed a pack of their own but Obsidian went out into the world alone.