Kaden Blackfire

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In Character

Male 10 Mar 1995
Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) Ortus
Although having long streak of soft pelt, Kaden's muscles builds through his medium sized body, capable of storing tight veins along his vigorously strength. His prescient, ice blue eyes glow through his vociferous and broad muzzle, thus making him more simulating a demon than a wolf; however, with his assertive, handsome form, this can be an apprised note- friend or for, his heinous sharp fangs and tail can be either someone enemy or protector. His dark coat pelt shield through his entire body, but only his muzzle, underbelly, and bottom tail are printed in dark grey. His short, blood red hair flow downwards on the side of his face, while at the back is longer than the front and slide downwards also along his shoulders. His icy blue eyes stares coldly as his sharp tail is fluffy like a fox, but still wolf-like.

Secui Form: Ranging about 4 feet and 11 inches (122 cm), Kaden's appearance is showered with his tone, heavy muscles throughout his body with black coal pelt covering his body. His medium size sort double in his Ortus form, as so his retractable claws, with can dig through skin easily if he wishes and his razor fangs are like sword in this point; however, depends on his view of the person. His thick mane is style to where the front mane is short and on the side of his face, while the rest is location flowing downwards along his back. His powerful legs are long, but still short like a basic Secui form, but they're still build powerful and lean, which, of course, can help him travel in top speed than his other form, Optime.

Optime Form: In this form, Kaden's size range in almost 6 feet and 11 inches (213 cm), his appearance is change to a more human-like, but still a form of a wolf. His black coal pelt still stays soft, but this time it's not long like his counterpart in his Secui form, so it's rather short, but he may let this down during the seasons.
Even though his heinous strength may bare a horror demon, Kaden is really a thundering, soft-spoken guy with a serene heart. Moreover as a neutral party, Kaden always use his strength to his advantage for protection or to simply help others. His raw strength can sometimes can be rather deadly if the ones he loved is either injury from an enemy or when they annoy him too much to the brick of being a feral savage. With this, the young wolf watch his temper when dealing with the enemy if his rage goes unnoticed, settling off to kill his enemy and likely his friends and family. By being massive, Kaden can shower over other creatures around him, but he rather like this form be a warning to those who want to harm others, even if they're not his friends or family, since his heart is on a peaceful state.

Through the raw muscular body, the striking voice, and demon eyes, Kaden's personality is no more than a puppy at heart, and speaking of puppies, the massive brute adores puppies more than his own life! When it comes to loving someone deeply, Kaden isn't a push over or picky to choosing a beautiful female. The brute is sweet, cunning, and polite to those who he mostly enjoy to beside with, but he mostly patient to her, even to the point of when she just wanna be friends.
Born in a rual waste town as the elder of five, Kaden Blackfire was the main target to be adore by his peers, not only his for his strenght and wisdom, but also for his massive size. The young wolf dream of vast lands beyond his lay a regal eden, rumor to hold knowledge rove freely, castle of treasures, a division of food, and supplies of warriors armed with both strength and honor where store there to welcomed travelers; however, even though Kaden had an arsenal of ripped, fastidious maps to fantasies and a ravenous for knowledge rove freely in him, Kaden knew that is was a blundering dream he made to seek eden. As the young, black wolf grew to the age of seventeen, his mind fumble on with the thought of evading his family and peers as a sudden sickness wash over his home, threating and taking lives one by one until one day it took all but himself. Now ostracized from the pack, Kaden, qualm with both grief and hate, fueled himself on dispatching himself from his home without a single speech to any, leaving wandering eyes to wonder on his disappearance. As the black wolf travel duration which seem like months in hope of finding a new home, Kaden stumbled upon a ruin forest left with a crumbling outskirts burn freely, a crushed heart freeze on the thought of this place was even called eden or even a place at all; therefore, with an empty heart left to build back up and a hatred of leaving his former home, Kaden hope to savage for more places in order to survive.