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Dog Ortus
Ky's Lupus form is tall and leggy. Her fur is short, thin, and yellowish, like a yellow lab, only getting thicker on her tail, the backs of her legs, neck, and the top of her head. Her only markings are her very pale tan points. Although she is about the size of a border collie, she has a springy, tall, narrow frame. Her legs are a little shorter and thicker than her lean body type suggests they should be, due to her mixed lineage. They are, however, still pretty long; perhaps a little longer than the average mid-sized dog's. Her ears and muzzle are long and narrow, and her tail is long and thin. Her neck is long, but thick and well-muscled, like the rest of her body.

Ky's Optime form follows the same long, but thick and well-muscled trend of her lupus form. Her muscles, while not very large, are well defined and toned. Her shoulders are broad, leaving enough room to base her long, thick neck. Her form is not very feminine, with narrow hips and small breasts, but not at all unattractive. Starting in her Secui form and continuing into her Optime form, long silken strands of platinum blonde fur begin to sprout from the top of her head and the back of her neck. Having such a narrow path to grow on, the fur has the shape of a horse's mane, falling to one side of her face and shoulders. She often has the waist length tresses slung over one shoulder, or tied back in a ponytail or braid. The bangs are usually free-flowing, and somewhat obscuring her green eyes.
Ky'evere is a very independent Luperci. Back home in Viceroy, she was often by herself, punching away at a moldy old mattress. She has a lot of internal rage, not necessarily because of some tragic backstory, but because she doesn't express herself very well. She's downright surly when shes upset, and translates most of her negative emotions into suppressed anger. She's extremely slow to use unkind words, and avoids most of her problems.

She is a very focused and dedicated athlete who is particularly gifted in hand-to-hand combat. She's generally outwardly calm. She doesn't get excited easily, and finds those who do to be greatly annoying. Her genuine smile doesn't usually stretch much wider than a smirk, but she's know to give a hollow grin when trying to be nice to someone who annoys her. She's easily embarrassed, indicated only by a slight widening of her eyes and a growing redness under her yellowish fur.

She doesn't care much about her appearance. Although she does make efforts to stay clean and smelling nice, she has no more clothing than she needs, and never styles her hair with any purpose other than to keep it out of the way. She wears no jewelry and never would unless it had a special meaning to her.
Ky'evere wasn't the most liked Luperci in Viceroy, the little "kingdom" in which she was born. Being a dog among wolves was one thing, but being a SKILLED dog among wolves was another. Viceroy dogs were usually seen as weak and watered-down versions of the wolf. Having been a pack long before 1988, the Viceroy society was well established by the time the virus spread. As they spread their territory from the wilds and into the broken cityscape, they encountered more and more Luperci dogs, most of which died feeble, shameful deaths without the protection of humanity. Fearing genetic contamination, the surviving Viceroy Luperci dogs were only allowed to breed with each other. But, variety being the spice of life, the dogs began to shift into landrace status, and while still being smaller and less powerful from the wolves, they began to surpass them in specific skills. In Lupus form, it as as simple as being smarter, faster, more agile, but in Optime form, the dogs began to become more adept with tools, building, hunting, trapping, and the like. While most of the Viceroy wolves were capable of doing most things, the dogs each had one thing that they did best. And that didn't sit well with the "King".
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