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Julien can almost always be found in his Optime form, as it was all he ever used during his life as a pirate. The only time he would ever use his Lupus form is perhaps while traveling long distances, and he thinks his Secui form just looks silly. He is a slender young man, standing at 5'9" and built of 140 pounds of lean muscle. He has soft, floppy ears, and his curly fur is moderately thick but incredibly soft; the color of dry earth with chocolate accents throughout. His tail is short and plush, and he wears his wavy hair pulled back in a messy ponytail merely to keep it out of his golden eyes. His right eye is blind and surrounded by gnarled scars, evidence of the abuse he suffered while sailing. Other marks of his past are scattered over his body, though mostly hidden by his fur and clothing if he's wearing any. Most of the time he prefers to remain unclothed, but will on occassion sport a cloak or thin cardigan.

His voice, ironically, is his most astounding feature - it is smooth and accented by his French tongue, with a pleasant alto pitch that possesses the ability to calm as well as seduce...if he were to ever use it for that.

Julien is a shy, quiet little thing that not only dislikes being the center of attention, but avoids it at all costs. The combination of his anxiety disorder and his rough past makes it quite difficult for him to talk to others, let alone initiate a conversation. He prefers to be alone when he's not with Sylvie, and doesn't venture much outside of home. His preference for silence, however, does not mean he is unintelligent - the opposite is true. Julien is an incredibly smart canine that enjoys reading and learning new things, especially if birds are involved. He has a fascination with the winged creatures and often climbs into tall trees or upon rocks to be near to them. Because of his affinity with heights, he is also knowledgable in scouting and location, and has been known to guide others even if it is with just the point of a slender finger.

Julien is attracted to both females and males, but he has had no experience with romantic relationships. Flirting reduces him to a blushing puddle of goo, and his displays of affection are limited to hugs and feather-light pecks on the cheek. He frightens easily, and tends to shy away from loud or aggressive personalities. It takes a quiet and gentle soul to deal with Julien, and even then the task of wooing the scarred boy can be difficult.
Julien was orphaned at a young age and left in the care of a local nurse until a pirate crew learned of his navigation skills, sought him out, and took him in. He became fast friends with another crew member named Sylvie Agnes, and stuck by her side throughout their travels. She was the only one who did not pick on him, there to mend his wounds when the rest of the crew bullied him.

In 2013, Julien's shipmates kidnapped members of Casa di Cavalieri and held them hostage. Julien and Sylvie showed kindness to the hostages, and were spared and taken in as prisoners when Cavalieri attacked. All of the other crew members were killed.

Julien worked by Sylvie's side to redeem himself in the eyes of Casa di Cavalieri, and there he remained as he healed from his past. In 2015 he fought alongside his pack members against a band of violent rogues, ultimately aiding in their victory. Now he works to earn a place as a true member of the pack. He lives aboard the ship the pirates once manned, in a cabin beside Sylvie's. He continues to develop his skills, hoping to one day make a name for himself in his pack.
Sylvie Agnes - mother figure