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Gray Wolf Verto
Kaceri has a more lithe, wiry build than the average Gray wolf.. His teal eyes have seen much in his travels, and reflect a deeper inner life than one would expect from a lone wolf. Accustomed to moving alone over the past few months, his stance has grown weary and cautious. A thin,fairly clean-cut scar runs partway down his left side, a reminder of how brutal life can be for a lone wolf on the move. It had taken what felt like months for that to heal, and every step had been a reminder to watch his back all the more closely. Kaceri bears the look of a weary traveler, and has the miles on his legs to prove it. Though most of the scars are covered by his dense black coat, fur can't heal all wounds. Despite the injury, he does his best to get by, carrying an air of determination and intelligence with him. The wound at his side seemed to avoid the perils of infection. His ears are erect and bear several of their own battle scars. He's not a fighter, by any stretch, but as was once said: Necessity is the mother of invention. Not having a staked claim in any given territory, his lithe form is malnourished, having been forced to move closer to some of the dead places and scarcer game. Personality: Since the passing of his last packmate, Kaceri has had to fend for himself in the wild for the past 3 months. Being alone has made him aloof, though, at his core, he just wants to find a place to call home again. He's dealt with other loners and packs enough to know that respect is key, and he would rather err on the side of too much caution when showing that he's not crossing a territory to fight. Though he can handle himself in a fight, he'd rather not risk it. For the right reasons, he'll dive in fangs bared. He's just yet to find that reason. Once he lets his defenses down, you'll find a surprisingly friendly demeanor, though he can be a bit brash at times. When he has an opinion, he doesn't hesitate to give it, much to the chagrin of his potential packmates. A determined intelligence shines in his eyes, even as he takes on the next challenge of these new lands.

Kaceri has trouble talking about his past, and can become angry if pestered about it. The wounds of that trauma are still fresh for him, and he'll likely find anything to keep him out of talking about. If pressed, he may react irritably and try to flee the situation. Inwardly, he wants to find someone to share it with, but until he feels that he can fully trust someone, he'll stay as silent as the grave on the subject.
Kaceri's pack had been his home on the outskirts of what had once been Edmundston. It was far from idyllic,but was the life he'd known and he lived it in relative peace with his family. The small pack, consisting of no more than his mother, father, sister and brother simply strove to survive in the forests surrounding the city. As he grew from a pup, he had gone out on a hunting trip. A lone Gray wolf had made its' way out of the trees, out for blood. The small hunting party was quickly overwhelmed by the ferocity of the starving creature, unprepared for the brutal attack. In the heat of the moment, no one had noticed how ill the wolf had seemed. Sheer will to survive brought his mother back from the hunt, but not without her own wounds. A bite to his mother's foreleg had quickly spread the virus through her own body, and the disease spread like wildfire through his family. He and his sister fled, not without conflicted hearts. His mother and father disappeared on the horizon as he and his sister fled, presumably dead to the disease that had taken hold. Their exodus had been painful, even as Kaceri's brother had attacked him over his supposed cowardice. But he'd watched it spread and the fear of death overwhelmed the his love for his family. As far as he was concerned, they were outrunning a curse.

Their flight was harrowing and taught many harsh lessons. They made their way through the wastes, hunting what game they could and trying to avoid most of the locals as much as they could, playing supplicant where they could and standing to fight when they had to. They headed as far east as they could, each day moving closer to some unknown end. Following the morning sun seemed as good a plan as any. A lone luperci attacked one night,taking his sister by surprise and grievously wounding her. Kaceri took to the fight as barbarically as ever, but was quickly overwhelmed in his own emotional pain at seeing his sister bleeding out nearby, trying to run from their attacker.The Luperci recognized a strength within the young wolf, and slowly slit down the wolf's side, cutting a long gash into his flesh as he pinned the battered and bloodied wolf to the ground. “I'm giving you a gift.” he said with a moonlit smile, fangs stained with a mixture of crimson and the scent of death. Behind him, he heard his sister whimper one last time as the mad wolf tore into her. Overcome by everything he fell unconscious, waking sometime at the next day. He made his way to his feet and hung about listlessly, nudging her lifeless form. He let out a howl of pain, staying by her side at a complete loss for what to do. Eventually, he resolved to leave. He continued east, eventually coming upon these new lands. With his future expanding in front of him,he looks to leave the past behind, a font of so much pain for him, and yet, the distrust bred from the fateful night of the Luperci attack will certainly not make things easy for him. Due to his violent first meeting with a Luperci, he's distrustful of them at best and prejudiced at his worst. And yet, he still yearns for the answer to what he has become especially as these urges grow greater.
Alana- Sister (Deceased)
Carcera (Mother) & Arrik(Father)-Deceased
Marik- Unknown