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Wolfdog Ortus
Aenan Pyr prefers to remain in his Optime form. He stands at 7'1", and his body is slightly toned and muscular. His coat is primarily a light tan layered in with browns and flecked with black and white. His face is something like salt and pepper. His eyes are a piercing amber, almost orange even. He can be seen wearing bits of clothing he made himself, a bandoleer with pouches and sometimes leather armbands. He uses those to patch up his backpack when need be, but otherwise Aenan is pretty much naked, mostly because nudity was quite common in the pack he was raised in. His leather pack holds onto his fishing gear, and he his spear doubles as a walking stick.

In his Lupus and Secui forms he is a rather large wolf-like canine, though characteristics from his father show through. Down his back is long thick fur that stops at his tail, it is light tan, almost white, and ends with a chocolaty brown. He is seldom seen in these forms, and wears nothing when on all fours. Aenan is rarely ever in these forms, if he’s seen in them something must be wrong.

Three scars run down his left cheek, a wound he received from a prejudicial father when Aenan asked to marry his daughter. They're the only blemishes on his body, besides for a small scar across on his left leg, near his paw. He received that from falling down a ladder while exploring a building with his friend Vivecca.
Aenan is a calm canine who likes to be alone with his thoughts. He was almost killed in his mother's pack, and wasn't really accepted in his father's. This made him learn how to exist on his own. However, he did have a friend at one point. Together they'd explore human ruins and found bits and bobs of the past. He loved looking at paintings and maps in the library and museum in the old, abandoned city of Marquette. He is resourceful and has learned many things from his parents, what they taught him allow him to live on his own, for the most part. Still, he craves contact with others. His seclusion has caused him to form a habit of talking to himself, even in front of other Luperci, which often causes others to give him odd looks. Despite his quirks, and ability to be on his own, he prefers to be around others. Especially males, as he was surrounded by them when he went on fishing outings. Aenan’s sexuality is something of a mystery to him. He has only loved one person in his life, and that was his friend Vivecca. He was never given really any chance to be with anyone, besides Viv, and therefore hasn’t been able to find what he likes and doesn’t like. The hybrid as a small inclination to spend his time with other males, as this was the case when he fished for his old pack. Aenan may be bisexual, demisexual, or perhaps even homosexual (seeing how Vivecca was the only person ever to be close to him, and not having a chance to be court with a male). Only time will tell as he tries to figure out the way he works.

Aenan is skilled at reading, and fairly good at writing. The wolfdog’s mother was illiterate (but by no means an idiot), his father was the one who taught him how to read and write. He and Martin would go out onto the river and once they were done fishing Martin would write letters and words on river banks. With this Aenan was able to read what texts still survived in the old library that he and Vivecca often searched through, and furthered his knowledge of reading and writing. His most prized possessions are a map of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, of which he added bits and things as he traveled to Nova Scotia, and a fairly intact book titled with a number; 1984.

Aenan’s diet could be considered odd to most. For meats he mostly eats fish, he rarely ever hunts mammals, and especially the larger ones like deer. He adopted a pick-and-eats lifestyle on his way from Marquette, and adheres to that. Other things he eats includes: Berries, vegetables, and bugs (grass hoppers, grubs, ect.)
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Mother: Aenara Embers
Father: Martin Pyr
Best friend/past mate: Vivecca Sandstone
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