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In Character

Female 19 May 2012
Dog Ortus
Very tall and very slender. Long white coat with a mane that reaches mid back. Tangly hair, but bathes frequently so as not to have stains. Naked save for a long set of beads around her neck that she treasures. Accompanied by a very large paint stallion named Tummy.

For simplicity's sake, just imagine a Borzoi. That's essentially what she is, long hair and a sloped nose with no pronounced stop and very gangly and thin and green, almond shaped eyes. A bit like a small white deer that's been hitting the Rogaine.
Calm, kind, believes she can speak to ghosts, patient, trusting, wants to help. Loves to point out that her horse is named Tummy because he has a big, round one.
Grew up with a 'free range' family that encouraged children to seek their own fate when they became old enough to shift. Left home at the age of seven months, wandered to the `Souls area and decided to make her home here.
Taupia- sister. alive.
Naena- mother. alive.
Gorgo- father. alive.
Yupte- grandmother. deceased.