Laurentin Aston

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Wolf Ortus
Laurentin's wolf heritage is the most well-defined, with a stature quite typical of a Common Gray Wolf. Some dog influence is apparent in his fur, which tends to be longer and thicker than a wolf's. For the most part, his colouration tends toward wolf agouti patterns; although, the rich browns he inherits from his mother's Belgian Shepherd background.

His fur colours tend toward rich browns, light tans, and pale silvers.

He has deep blue eyes.
Bless his heart, he tries.

Laurentin Aston is the son of Saqui Utina and Claudius Aston born alongside his sister, Danaƫ Aston. Early into his mother's pregnancy, she broke her leg while travelling to The Great Tribe from AniWaya. The stresses of her broken leg and a difficult journey resulted in Saqui miscarrying four of the six puppies.

Laurentin was raised in the Great Tribe alongside his sister and yearned to journey to AniWaya to meet his father. In May 2015, he joined Yepa Sofia in her trek to the tribe.

He is currently a beginner in the Scouting tier and is trying to learn as much as possible about AniWaya, the nearby packs, and the greater territory outside the tribeslands. He has recently agreed to succeed his father as the leader of AniWaya and is training and learning in preparation of this transition.
Mother: Saqui Utina
Father: Claudius Aston
Siblings: Danaƫ Aston
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