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Female 20 Jul 2014
Dog Ortus
Kae is a female dog Luperci with a light brown pelt speckled with tiny bits of dark brown, ivory dipped paws, and a plain white muzzle, complimented by her lovely deep brown gaze. In her dog form she has strong legs, and short fur. Her appearance isn't exactly what she'd call beautiful in her own eyes, but she is rather attractive in the eyes of those around her. Her structure is in between lithe and stout, meaning she is not so thin, yet not completely fat either. She has an incredibly soft, bushy light brown tail, and somewhat large ears which are relatively tall and seem to add a bit of height to her body. Her height is average for her sixteen-year-old age as well. She was born with a curvaceous figure like her mother, although her curves aren't as outstanding as they could be. She also has a set of wide hips and plump thighs that complement her pinched waist. However, her most noticeable feature would have to be her unusually large breasts; she hates them more than anything, as they always seem to get in the way of everything. She dislikes the way her dirty blonde hair is never straight. It's texture isn't smooth or sleek and is bouncy. She often pulls it back in a high pony-tail or tight braid, but will also be caught wearing her hair down. The length of her hair almost reaches below her sharp shoulder blades. Kae usually speaks softly with a quiet, sweet tone. She has an adoration for soft things, specifically feathers and collects them; thrush, dove, eagle, whatever she can get her dainty hands on. Other than her interesting quirk, Kae is an imaginative, creative, loyal, patient, easygoing, private, adaptable, guarded, selective, devoted, empathetic/sympathetic, creative, idealistic, diverse, adaptable, compassionate, nurturing, supportive, encouraging, curious, flexible, gentle, sensitive, caring, original, deep, introspective and highly idealistic individual. She wants to help others as a whole, and has a constant desire to be on a meaningful path. Basically, she is full of enthusiasms and loyalties, yet seldom talk of these until she knows you well. Unfortunately she is extremely reserved, reticent, quiet, possibly shy at times, and even slightly aloof; luckily though, once she fully trusts one she will finally open up. She dislikes being made to fit anyone's mold, can be temperamental, and happens to struggle with determining how to act in public, so she can be unaware of appropriate social behavior. Laid-back, she could easily be described as pretty chill, calm, cool, or composed. However she isn't the lazy dog many people mistaken her for. She will fight for any cause she truly believes in, allowing a passionate fire to burn within her soul, and make sure her voice is heard. She's known to be quite reflective, and can spend several hours pondering a thought, question, or idea. She seeks absolute peace and is both compassionate towards others and passionate about causes she believes in. Kae is selective during her choosing of friends and is driven by her personal values, seeking those who are similar to herself. She is always devoted, committed and concerned when it comes to serving those she loves, and will selflessly help anyone in need. She is gifted with long-range vision, having the ability to see/understand things clearly inside her brain, yet often has a hard time expressing what's going on up in her noggin. One of her most colossal flaws is her disorganization issues. It's not that she dislikes being neat or anything, in fact, she loves a tidy area. The problem is that she isn't too fond of "wasting her precious time" on sorting stuff; and no matter how hard she tries, with Kae things naturally begin to get out of paw. Luckily though, she works well with the mess she makes. She has an appreciate nature and will always make sure that one knows that. She has (and shows) high moral standards, making her a very virtuous young lady. As said before, she despises conflict and will travel great distances to avoid it. Ever since she was a puppy, she has been curious about... well just about everything. This trait of hers keeps her eager to learn, which can be a good thing. One peeve about Kae is that she doesn't like to have her "space" invaded, most likely because of her introversion. Fortunately, as a result she is likely to recognize and appreciate others' need for "space". Due to her extreme sensitivity, she has an extreme dislike of criticism, and quite frequently is offended or hurt by the smallest of things. She may react very emotionally to stressful situations and has a tendency to blame herself for problems, and hold everything on her own shoulders; this can cause her to enter the cruel world of depression if this happens continually. She has difficulty scolding or punishing others, which can be a bad thing whenever it is needed. Her perfectionistic tendencies may cause her to not give herself enough credit, and she has a strong need to receive praise and positive affirmation -- if no one does this, she gets the awful feeling that she isn't good enough. She dislikes having her values undermined or challenged, others impending on individuality, metrics, negativity on others, being met with criticism, being rushed, others shutting down her ideas, disharmony, open disrespect, unclear expectations, critical or insensitive cats, routine, time management required of her, mundane work, and overwhelming crowds. She strives for "win-win" situations, has deep capacity for love and care, is warmly concerned/caring toward others, driven to meet others' needs, sensitive and perceptive about what others are feeling, able to express herself well through art and writing, and is loyal/committed - she wants lifelong relationships. She loathes rules and guidelines, which is one reason why she lives as a loner. She struggles when trying to explain how she got to A to B to Z, even though she enjoys sharing her ideas. Because of that she can get very frustrated and will usually give up with a dismissive "never mind". Kae is almost always second-guessing herself and hates being responsible for making important decisions. Yet another flaw of this girl is that she can be absent-minded whenever something has captured her interest or attention, making her extremely forgetful even to the point of not sleeping and not caring for herself.
Kae doesn't really remember her family members, as they abandoned her at the age of five (in human years) due to unknown reasons. She was forced to learn to survive on her own, alone at such a young age. Luckily she met a nice male wolf who taught her how to hunt and defend herself. Strangely, the wolf refused to say his name or even just talk about himself, but Kae was still very grateful for his help. This wolf stuck right by her side for almost three months, teaching her everything he knew to living solo. Then morning she awoke and he had disappeared forever; she hadn't seen him since. It was a sad time for Kae, as she had grown a strong bond with the mysterious male. For a long time she wondered if he left because of something she had done or said. "Was I just not good enough?" The question haunted her soul for months. However, as she matured she chose to believe that he was simply finished with teaching her, and finally wanted her to be free. Maybe he assumed she was ready to take on the life of a loner. Although maybe he was wrong about leaving her side, because Kae isn't the best hunter, and her fighting techniques are failing. Perhaps she wasn't good enough after all... She ponders it quite a bit, and struggles when surviving today.