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Spirit is five foot six, and weighs 167 lbs. Her base coat is a medium grayish blue color. She has a darker splotch of the color on her rump and part of her hips and back,like a saddle marking. This darker color is like a dark almost navy blue-gray. She also has the same darker color on the back of her neck (mane). She has a dark stripe that extends from her nose to between where her eyebrows would be. Her right eye is a light bluish gray and her left eye is a hazel color with green being more prominent. She has lighter, almost white chest and belly fur. The tip and top half of the end of her tail is dark as well. Her ears are also the darker color that she has on her back, and she has light almost white fur on the inside of her thighs. She has a black nose and a nice small frame. She is fluffy and lean. Her snout is not long or short, more of a medium length and her face is broad like most of her kind. Her tail is soft and silky. It's dark underneath. From her leg joints and down (elbows) is also the dark color mentioned earlier, and she has whitish tufts of fur that come off of her legs a bit. The underside of her face is white (its hereditary, not from old age or anything like that). Spirit has one tattoo on her right shoulder that is hidden under her fur. It's a tree with a moon on the left side of it near the top, and a sun on the right side near the top. All of this is in the shape of a circle with the words 'What we do in life echoes in eternity' written arching over the top of it. Spirit is fast and fairly strong, but speed is her best quality along with stamina. She smells of pine trees/sap, fresh rain, and flower nectar. She also has a golden flat ring-like earring near the base of her left ear. Spirit is usually curious and kind to others. She is dominant and does not take kindly to being bossed around for no reason. She is known to become aggressive when provoked and doesn't like to be woken up the few rare times that anyone catches her sleeping, unless there's an emergency of coarse. She can have bad days, but is usually in a good mood. She is secretive and mysterious on the contrary to her kindness. She takes a while to trust people, and when that trust is broken, she is to most likely never trust that person ever again. She is stealthy and would be a great spy. She can climb trees well and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty to protect the people she cares about. She usually prefers her Halfling or Secui form. She does change into her Optime form when preforming arts like tattooing and dying/styling fur. She can do piercings but is a novice and only does ears. Spirit has a fennec fox companion named Milakai. Milakai is a female fennec fox and a very trustworthy friend to Spirit. Milakai is the only one who knows almost all of Spirit's secrets. Spirit can be emotional when a friend, pack leader, or pack member die, but it really just depends on her status/closeness to them. She can make enemies but doesn't try to unless they try and do something she considers "bad enough to classify them as an enemy." Spirit does have some temperamental and anger issues, but again, they don't usually show unless she is provoked.
Spirit was born near Ivano Frankivsk, a city in Ukraine. She was close to mountains so her family spent some time there. However, when she was only around eight months of age, her family got attacked by rogues. Her parents, Xavier DarkFeather and Anichka (meaning grace. It's a Ukrainian name) DarkFeather, were killed in the fight. Spirit had no siblings, leaving her on her own. Soon after two months of grieving, Spirit decided that she should go and leave Ukraine. Spirit traveled from Ukraine, through Bulgaria and Turkey to Saudi Arabia. That was where she first found Milakai. Milakai was in almost the same situation as Spirit except her little "pack" or group left to go make a new home because the place they were living in was no longer inhabitable due to scarcer prey and no water. But they hadn't woken up Milakai, and when she did wake, they had already abandoned her and were long gone. Spirit had found her whimpering, curled up in a ball. She had shifted in her Optime form (so she wouldn't burn her front pads as well as her back ones) and picked up the sad bundle, cradling her in her arms. Milakai was a month younger than Spirit, but they bonded quickly. Spirit was ten months now, and she wanted to try and get to Canada. Milakai wanted to go with her, deciding the same thing Spirit had, claiming that she wanted to leave that place of sadness and sorrow. It took them six months to get to Canada. In those months, she and Milakai (who she had named because Milakai wanted a new one to forget her past) had matured and grown up to be fine young canines. Spirit had to steal a horse and sell it so she could board a boat in Lisbon, Portugal to get to Freetown, Maine. Spirit was fourteen months then, Milakai only one short being thirteen. They roamed around in neutral territories, but that didn't always garentee their safety. There were bears, other wolves, prey that could kick, and even diseases or infections that could be caught. This was when Spirit had met Gregory (Greg for short). Greg was a lone male traveler around four or five months older than Spirit. He traveled with them for a while, and increased Spirit's skills in tattooing while he was with them. He was only with them for two months, but Spirit learned quickly, and got a lot better at tattooing. Then one day Gregory said he was leaving. So he left, but not without leaving a note with different types of tattoos and inks and how to make them. Milakai had wanted a tattoo and suggested that Spirit do it. Spirit gave Milakai a tattoo of a red rose on her left shoulder. Milakai's fur was already short, so Spirit just shaved her shoulder and tattooed it. Milakai had more whitish fur than tan on the fennec fox pelt color scale, so the tattoo was still visible through her fur when it grew back. That was the same month that Spirit showed Milakai the tree and moon tattoo she had, but she preferred to hide it under her thicker fur because it reminded her of her parents, and she didn't want to go wandering down the road of her past. Spirit had learned how to tailor and make clothing from her mother, and how to tattoo and pierce from her dad. Though she had learned how to tattoo she was a bit out of practice, so she practiced on some animal skins for a week before she gave Milakai the tattoo. She didn't want to mess up her friend and travel companion's only tattoo. Milakai also wanted an ear piercing, so Spirit did that too, and got one near the base of her left ear, just like Milakai did, but she didn't hide this like her tattoo. In fact, she liked the familiar slight heavy feel of it on her ear whenever her ear swiveled around or moved. Both Spirit and Milakai are now part of the Anathema pack. They both know that they will most likely enjoy being a part of it and can't wait to spend their times there.
Spirit learned how to read and write at a young age from her parents, so when she needs to or wants to she reads and writes letters. She also is fluent with her languages and is great in charisma. Since Milakai is originally from the desert, Spirit suspected she may not be comfortable in Canada's climate unless some special procedures were introduced. So Spirit went and made Milakai a hoodie, so she wouldn't get cold, and they went hunting for mice frequently for Milakai to eat so she could maintain her speedy energy and warmth.
Spirit has one cNPC friend named Milakai. She is a fennec fox that Spirit found in Saudi Arabia. Spirit had a father named Xavier and a mother named Anichka, but they both died from a rogue attack when she was younger, and they were both NPCs as well. Spirit also made a friend named Gregory who taught her about tattooing and minor swordsmanship. I might make him as a character, not sure yet.
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