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Wolf Ortus
Fire is a broad, black wolf with light silver ticking and silver-streaked dreadlocks. He has burning orange-gold eyes like his namesake, and a nasty scar across his throat that affects his voice. His hands are a rusty orange from bleaching. Fire is dangerously quick-tempered and arguably insane, hearing the voice of his dark god, Tak. When in a "neutral" mood, he is still restless and troubled, avoiding others. He believes he has been chosen by his god, and likes his sister Hope a bit too much.
Fire D'Angelo is a wolf from Khalif, the son of half-siblings Anguish D'Angelo and Prophet D'Angelo.

Shortly after his sister, Bane, was sent away from the Mountain for her own safety, Misery D'Angelo gave Fire a similar mission. Sent to serve Bane in Misery's purpose in Nova Scotia, Fire brought his sister Hope with him and traveled toward Salsola.
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