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Female 08 Jun 2011
Mutt - 75% Native American Indian dog, 25% Great Pyrenees Ortus
NOTE: Rugbii is not currently active; she has been sent to the Great Tribe for now.

Rugbii has a thick, fluffy, mainly white coat with very light grey and tan Native American dog type markings. Her fur is especially thick around her chest, neck, haunches, and tail. Rugbii's build mostly takes from the Great Pyrenees, with a broad muzzle, large droopy jowls, large paws/hands and a broad head and chest. Rugbii has two dewclaws, like all Great Pyrenees dogs naturally have, and so she has one normal thumb and one smaller, less able thumb on her inner wrist in her Optime form. She has perky, offset wolfish ears, big, kind dark brown eyes and a huge warm smile that welcomes everyone she meets.

In Optime form, her hair is white in color with a little bit of light grey in it; it is straight and very messy, and stops between her shoulder blades, always untamed and wild. It is often worn in a low hair tie or makeshift hair clip, or just loose and untidy. She likes to put different things in her hair, like different flowers and clips. Occasionally she will wear a tan loincloth around her waist to cover her nether region, though only when in a formal situation. She sometimes wears a thick leather bracelet on her left wrist. In Optime form she stands straight and tall; she is a very muscular working dog, with large shoulders and wide hips. She is curvy and heavily built, with just a little bit of a chubby tummy.

Edited and colored by Mandi. <3

Rugbii currently has two cats, Naan and Riki, and her AniWayan spirit guide, a Fisher named Taro.
Rugbii is a sweet, gentle giant. She always looks out for everyone else around her, though she sometimes ends up neglecting herself in the process. She's just a big softy who loves everyone too much for her own good. She is a strong, capable woman, whos large arms are always ready to hug, help, and nurture everyone around her. Kind and soft-spoken, she almost never swears, and is surprisingly intelligent and humanized. Rugbii is very polite, though sometimes she instinctively barks too much when excited or scared. She is a very loud, vocal dog with an eccentric and optimistic personality. She tends to lick her lips frequently as a result of being descended from a slobbery type of dog, and she has a bad habit of scratching and picking near her ears. She also often 'talks with her hands.' Rugbii is only ever hostile when defending others, and she will not fight back against her own assailants. She never lashes out or harms anything, not even able to hunt her own meat. She believes that there are two sides to everything, and that everyone has their reasons. She thinks that there are no 'evil' people, and that everyone has good in their heart.
Rugbii Irving was born to Lila Irving, a Great Pyrenees dog, and Rocco Irving, a Native American Indian dog; she was one in a litter of five total pups, a product of the undying love between their parents. However, they were unable to take care of all of the pups, so Lila and Rocco painfully had to decide to give Rugbii up to the Great Tribe in the hopes that they would raise her to be the good dog they knew she could be. Rugbii was adopted by the pack and grew up in the Tribe alongside all its members. She grew and learned from all of the packmembers, eventually becoming skilled with cooking and medicines. Rugbii later migrated to the pack of AniWaya. She is generally on good terms with almost everyone she meets, for she doesn't have a bad bone in her body. Rugbii now loves to help out other members of the pack, as well as loners that come near, welcoming and nurturing everyone she comes into contact with. Occasionally she will wander around the surrounding areas to trade or meet more people; she is always in search of different spices, herbs, flora to plant in her garden, foods, cooking methods, good rituals and enchantments, and even more companions to add to her arsenal of friends.
Mother: Lila Irving
Father: Rocco Irving
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