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Being both broad and tall, the young man is a true giant. He stands an impressive 7'3" and bears remarkably well defined musculature, though it is mostly hidden under the thick bulk of his greyscale pelt. His fur is thick and coarse, never quite laying flat which just adds to his large image and gives him a rough or 'spiky' outline.

His coat is a mixture of greys, blacks and whites and follows a pattern more commonly seen on the European Badger. He has two black facial stripes, leaving a wide white stripe to run up his muzzle and forehead, stopping at the back of his skull. The black from his face stretches down onto his head and neck to become a saddle marking on his back and the tops of his hind legs. The black fades into a dark grey on his sides and tail, which in turn fades to a lighter grey and then white on his belly. His arms and legs are wrapped in black socks up to the knee and elbow joints.

The darkness of his distinctive facial stripes make his icy blue eyes stand out all the more. He has inherited the blue of his eyes from both parents, though their paleness may come from further up the Stormbringer family tree somewhere.

In Optime form, his favoured of his three forms, he wears his vari-coloured mane long and drawn back into a chunky braid. The loose hair that has escaped the braid hangs loosely about his shoulders. Two locks of hair hang, bound in criss-crossing leather straps, from behind his left ear.

He wears three pendants: the Frithr he was given at his Ausa Vatni ceremony, his Stormbringer totem which is a carved wooden badger, and a pewter pendant which depicts two snakes coiled around each other. All of these are on leather thongs and hang at different heights against his chest. The Frithr is closest to his neck, the badger is in the middle and the heavier snakes hang low, almost between his pec's.

Three claw scars mark the left side of the end of his muzzle, the scar closest to his nose being a small pink crescent while the other two are deeper and longer, notching his upper lip and leaving small scars on his lower jaw. He also has a vertical scar bisecting his left eyebrow, a long thin scar that runs down the outside of his right elbow, and two long claw scars that cross his right hip, pointing towards his groin.

As he has aged he has shaken off his need for clothing and prefers to go 'naked' now. Though he may sometimes be seen to don a pair of beaten up denim 3/4 shorts and a slightly faded XXXL Star Wars shirt. (It was a sort of joke present from Teagan, who wanted it but it was too big).
Russano is a gentle giant. He is aware of his imposing height and breadth as it has been the subject of his siblings jokes many a time, but he can't fully understand how people could be scared of him. As far as he is aware he is a good guy and that shows through, despite his overall intimidating appearance, coupled with his determined stoic-ness and his somewhat terrifying resting 'bitch-face'.

He comes across as the strong, silent type that silently disapproves while in actuality he would like to join in with silliness and play, but he fears that he would hurt someone. He knows how strong he is, but he's scared that in the moment he would lose control and hurt others, so he restrains himself, which has resulted in his rather sere appearance.

While he would like to engage more with others he is mostly an introverted individual and enjoys time by himself or with one other person. As such he has a passion for animal husbandry and gardening that he inherited from both parents.

Underneath the top layer of gentle giant, stoic stern face and introverted weirdo lies a hidden and constantly burning pit of warriors spirit. This is something that Russano is terrified of; while in the Solbjorg he learned of his families proclivity for madness and fears that eventually his temper will conquer him and the madness will take over. He stamps down his temper anytime it begins to show, unbeknownst to him this is only making it worse and one day he is likely to just snap.

When truly angered he slips into a berserk state that he calls the 'Bloodwrath' for the red tinge that colours his sight when he is in it. When in this state anything is fair game, he can rarely tell the difference between friend and foe. Though when he exits the state he instantly regrets everything and is often incredibly saddened by anything that he has done, wanting nothing more than to leave the area and be alone before coming back later to make amends if possible.
Born to Colibri Haki and Niernan Stormbringer on 25th November 2013 under stressful circumstances; Colibri was caught out at Futhark falls when her labour came on, after a fall down the slippery stones of the falls she manages to get to the old hollow oak tree where Niernan finds her and helps her to deliver their three children.

Russano and his smaller sisters grew up together in their family home in Vinátta alongside their older half sister Teagan and their fathers menagerie of animal companions. He was aware of his older half brother Lochlan, and his older half sisters Fiora, Farina and Florina, but spent little time with them.

He grew up a happy child, playing with his siblings and animals, loved by his family and the pack. Though life changed when his mother and father decided to make a pilgrimage to the Solbjorg. While old enough to stay behind Russano decided to accompany his family, to learn more of his fathers family and spend time with his parents and siblings. He was also excited to meet his extended family, including his grandparents.

While in the Solbjorg Russano met many family members, heard many stories and made new friends, but he also got caught up in the blood feud between the Stormbringers and the Dawnrunners. He got caught up in a few scuffles where he learned of his berserk tendencies and gained himself a few new scars. It was after his last fight that he decided he could no longer stay in the Solbjorg. He announced to his family that he was returning to Vinátta. They were worried and concerned, but did not stop him. His father bade him to take Kari, his silver tabby queen with him as a companion.

He rejoined Vinátta and settled back in quickly, moving in to his old family home with his older brother, Lochlan. Over the weeks that he spent in his old pack he made friends, spent time with family and attempted to further his role among his comrades. Though things soon changed and he felt the need to get away again. He left the pack and wandered into the wilds of Canada for a while.

Now he returns to find his old home gone, the pack disbanded and scattered...
Mother: Colibri Haki
Father: Niernan Stormbringer
Siblings: Fionna vin Haki, Ninian Stormbringer.
Maternal Half Siblings: Fiora vin Haki, Farina vin Haki, Florina Soul.
Paternal Half Siblings: Teagan Stormbringer, Lochlan Stormbringer
Extended: Pretty much related to all Vinátta.
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