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Howdy everyone! <3 I'm a friendly lil bean pls be my friend

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Male 25 Sep 2011
50% C.L. familiaris 50% C.L. baileyi Non-Luperci
Elvis looks mostly like your average Mexican gray wolf besides a few key differences, due to his hybridization by his dear mother being an Australian Shepherd. He's considering on the small side for being a wolf (although on the large side for an Australian shepherd; this trend continues throughout his appearance), weighing in only at about 76 pounds, only 24 inches in height. His length overall is 4.7 feet. Other than these physical differences due to his mixing, there only a few more unique traits that clearly separate him from being a pureblood wolf. One of his ears, the left to be exact, flops over distinctly, never able to point at attention as his other is capable. He has speckling to his coat; blue merle to be exact, that laces with the average tawny coloring of a Mexican wolf. His fur is notably longer than that of a wolf, a clear trait from his dog bloodlines, along with a tail curved upwards against his back. His nose is, also, a pale pink with a black spot on the right side, just the same as his mother. Elvis is a rather lanky creature, with lean muscle and a rather clumsy look to him. His eyes are perhaps the most beautiful thing about him; his left being an icy blue and his right a vibrant gold. Elvis doesn't live up to his name in the least. Nor does he live up the charming last name of "Lovelock". In all honesty, his dad found his name in a book and took a liking to it, ultimately leading to him naming his son after the once famous singer. Elvis is an awkward young man, with an equal awkward body that he seems unaccustomed to. He stumbles wherever he walks, trips incessantly...In the end, awkward seems to be the best word for the hybrid. Take note, as well, that he has no ability to switch into Optime, meaning his clumsy when he's on all fours. Quite a skill, really. Putting aside his incessant clumsiness and his ability to be extremely awkward, he's somewhat shy. Elvis is wary of first meetings, but he warms up quickly. He's a trusting individual once you get past his initial wariness. He's a friendly, talkative creature who will most DEFINITELY talk your ear off. He's a dork. Also, despite being unable to write, he can read extremely well. Elvis can also read the stars and is extremely into astronomy. Elvis is an intelligent, gentle being who's naivety and awkwardness really keeps him from fitting in his name. In a way, he's a surprisingly charismatic and charming guy, with his ability to socialize and make friends wherever he goes. He's a pacifist, but when it becomes to someone hurting his companions or friends, he isn't afraid to defend. Of course, he has his own flaws. He lacks patience and is easily frustrated with new things he has to learn. He's confused about himself, mainly his sexuality with his varying attraction to both genders. Elvis has a streak of mischief, which often leads to just getting himself hurt or doing something horribly dumb. He's immature still, and sometimes doesn't know how to use words to solve his problems, leading to tantrums and moments of cold shoulders.

voice - Jontron. BEWARE: strong language
Elvis was the result of a couple of wanderers who met and fell in love in the general region of Nevada-Mexico. Birdie and Calloway seemed fated for one another. They met in what seemed to be an old run down soda shop, where they ultimately fell in love and found Elvis's name. They joined as a couple and continued to wander, until settling in southern California. Elvis was born there, in an abandoned house, to a pair of loving parents. His father had always been a charmer, a handsome wolf. Not to mention his mother was quite a looker with her beautiful coat, although her somewhat stern and careful ways discouraged many suitors. However, she did seem to fall immediately for Calloway...Anyways, Elvis spent most of his youth wandering with his parents, discovering new things, new places. He was taught to read by his father, taught...Everything else by his mother. You see, his father was quite an intelligent man, while his mother was much more...Survival oriented. Shortly after Elvis turn one, his father was affected by the virus after getting into a battle with another. This, in turn, affected Elvis's mother. However, Elvis was able to keep clean of the virus, through his own choice. This is when Calloway and Birdie collected horses, including Elvis's horse, Robin. Of course, he can ride her, but she follows after Elvis or he leads her with a rope around her neck. Elvis spent his life happily with his parents, learning everything he could. Eventually, however, he needed to take flight from his parents. Their reputations loomed over him and he needed the freedom his so desperately desires. He separated with love, taking off on his own journey. He went with his azteca horse, who seemed to grow up with him, Robin. He went through the States, travelling north, before he ended up...Well, in Halifax. He took note of the large populations of wolves, dogs, and coyotes...Which he had never been around. Big groups are a new experience for him, considering his interaction with many is limited. He's...Giving it a try.
Mother: Birdie Kerrigan-Lovelock, Australian Shepherd, 6 years, female
Father: Calloway Lovelock, Mexican gray wolf, 7 years, male
Companion: Robin, Azteca horse, 4 years, female