Diana Cruor

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Female 13 May 1917
human Not Applicable
Her form is five and a half feet in height, pale complexion light enough to match fresh ivory on a moonlit night. Being petite, her form was a small hourglass shape. The black tang top hugging her midsection snug enough to see that she was not in perfect shape for her age. Pouring down over her shoulders hung lengthy silver curls that hung to the mid of her back, bangs hanging down the sides of her face obscuring her pale cloudy blue hues when she choose. Where her shirt end and her pants began a pair of black pants would hug her legs. The silvery shimmer of a chain belt wove together with strips of black leather held a small black leather bag to her side while keeping her waist line in place. Black and crimson army boots wrap down half her shin where her pant leg vanished into it. Her attire usually crowned with a dark grey duster that was long enough to brush her ankles, half a dozen little chains hanging from the inside for holding keys and things, like the rose colored, round Lennon glasses she had dangling from one of them while she wasn't using them. There are those whom have struggled and survived whom learn the values of life in a manner that is painful to others. Usually being a calm quiet and reserved individual, Diana is a respectful being towards everyone and believes in the faith of co existence. When it come down to it she is a loyal friend and ally her dedication to those whom put their faith in her can expect to get the same if not more back. Not particularly being a quick tempered individual she will fight if it is so needed but would prefer to resolve the situation in a more peaceful manner. However if the moment comes when her patience is tried and she must fight she will put her life on the line if needed, for the proper cause. Having a natural respect for life she is not only protective of her own people but anyone who may need her help, her heart thriving off of all good deeds she can do for other to help them better their lives while furthering her own. Not always the most talkative of individuals she is well mannered and takes the time to listen to people if they need someone to talk to or to vent. Viewing a new conversation as a way to learn more of the world around her, she will talk to anyone who wishes to take the time to talk to her. Enjoying the chance to make new friends while possibly learning something while she is at it.
* Raised in the mountainous town of Budapest she was the only child born to her family. Having been born with a rather rare skin condition, her complexion was always something that kept her an outcast. Her condition weak until she had hit adulthood, while her father taught her how to fight and hunt. How to not only survive but to live. Growing up in surrounded by war and bloodshed the rumors of the plague spreading forced her father to make a hard decision. There was nothing left for her there but pain and death and the more he realized this the more he wished for his daughter to not have to suffer a painful death like his wife had the year before. Losing her mother to the plague of darkness rolling over Europe broke part of her, it was all to well known that parts of the country to the north had been over whelmed by blood thirsty demons. The wave of death spreading as the weeks move on would force her to pack her things and board a ship for the other side of the globe. When she arrive in Canada she had no idea what she was in for. Trees upon trees as far as the eye could see stretching on into mountains. Buying a residents up in the mountains she started surviving. Being used to the suffering of a day to day life looking for food while the plague had most the deer wiped out, she easily started to adjust. Her life taken into her own hands while she live her life in a little one person cabin tucked into spruces hugging a ridged stream, was a free one wrapped in new pains and mysteries.
Currently a Loner