Wrath Lykoi

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Bound by blood, never alone.
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In Character

Male 12 Jan 2015
Hybrid Ortus

Silver Chalice(#ACACAC)
Mid Gray(#5C5F69)
Dark Ebony(#401C06)
Brown Bramble(#592804)

Begnning with the hair of this Lykoi boy we see a large patch of Shark that trails form the boy's scalp to the tip of his tail. The bottom of his eye marks the fade from the upper half of Mid Gray to Silver Chalice. These two colors fade into one another to allow for the Iron muzzle. This muscle has on top a fading series of colors. Starting from the nose it begins with Dark Ebony, Paco, Cioccolato, Jambalaya, and concludes on the color Brown Bramble before peeking into his fore head and fading out to the Mid Gray. The Mid Gray surrounds the trail of Shark even peeking into the outer thighs and hips to surround his Silver Chalice that ends at the center of the knee and elbow to give way to Iron. Bordering the Mid Gray are fades of color that from outer to inner go in this order; Manatee to Nevada that ends that fades out into the color it surrounds. Lastly among the grays and browns are two striking orbs of Turmeric.


Similar to his smaller brother, Wrath spikes his hair but only towards the back and allowing a two sets of two stray locks provide a frame for his scarred facial features. His hair is a solid but striking Shark.


Black dress trousers

Bear skull mask

Bear leather and fur lined hooded cloak

Black vest

Optime: Height: 213.36 cm. ( 7 ft.) Weight: 115.212 kg.( 254 lbs.)

Secui: Height: 127 cm. ( 50 in.) Weight: 79.3787 kg. ( 175 lbs.)

Lupus: Height: 101.6 cm. ( 40 in.) Weight: 49.8952 kg. ( 110 lbs.)
Core Beliefs:

-Those who'd harm the weak or undeserving are they themselves weak and undeserving

-Warriors do not lower themselves to the standard of other people, they live independently

-Survival is a gift not to waste

-The price of victory is high but so are the rewards

-Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.

-The capacity to learn is a gift that should used by all

-Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments

-Life is a dream for the wise

-Winners are not people who never fail. They are people who never quit.

-If you're going through hell keep going


-Loves reading about warfare and ideology

-Finds himself early in the morning to watch the sunrise

-Has a fascination for wielding large weaponry and facing stronger foes

-Can become aggressive with a degree of ease

-Can be overly fixated on training and his studies




Two Handed Sword (Apprentice)

Diplomacy (Novice)

Scavenging (Novice)

Tactician (Novice)

Hand to Hand (Apprentice)


Wrath's voice provides a not truly gravelly but slight rumble to his speech. With a not truly Baritone vocal chord his voice is slightly higher pitch providing expression in great amounts while remaining in the same range.

Example of Voice: George Grant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jZk_ozZJjU

Fun Facts:

Owns two large swords one a smaller long sword measuring about three feet and a longer one measuring about six feet. The shorter one is named Mammon and the longest is Choronzon.

He finds himself lost with his copy of Sun Tzu's Art of war taking great excitement with the strategies involved in the translated story.
When being the spawn of a line of some of Nova Scotia's most and least friendly clan it can be a worry for those carrying the young within them. Wrath was one of these children. Born January 12th, 2015 he was the largest of three siblings. Being the largest of the litter he soon took on the natural role of guardian. He was fiercely protective of the smaller Greed and Lust.As time moved on he has relaxed and allowed the others to live their life. Despite starting off with four parents, two steps, he found himself mostly drawn to his literate and loving biological mother. A mother who's morals built a foundation for Wrath to follow. Those same morals led to Wrath having his first run in with a stronger foe. A bear was an agreed upon target for his mother to add in corralling for his Rast. Despite pack judgement he did not bat an eye. He found his mother's judgement sound and worthy of adhering to. His full blood family are his world and he will do anything to keep them safe from harm. To this day he grows stronger and disciplines himself to further in hopes of growing into a better man.
Father: Kentaro Lykoi
Step Father: Kohaku Amarok
Mother: Amorette Aston
Step Mother: Islode Sawtooth
Sister: Lust Lykoi
Brother: Greed Lykoi
Half Sister: Evangeline Lykoi
Half Sister: Marceline Sawtooth