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In Character

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Greed is composed of earthy tones with the typical Lykoi splash of reddish brown on his muzzle. His eyes are warm amber color with flecks of lighter gold mixed within. He's 6'8" with long limbs and fine muscular definition.

On most any day he wears a charming smile and has his hair styled to perfection. Greed puts thought into his clothing and is nearly always handsomely dressed. He has a large wardrobe and doesn't wear any particular outfit more than others. He nearly always carries his Wakizashi with him, unless stated otherwise.
Greed is a complex soul. Only those closest to him can see past the smile he wears so perfectly. Compared to his siblings he has a heart of gold that only in times of darkness and chaos can be corrupted. Greed tries his best to be a rock for his siblings, someone they can always count on and go to in times of trouble. But, even the strongest rocks crumble under immense pressure. When things go awry, Greed as a tendency to be incredibly selfish. He's not usually aware of this fact and will still try and play it off with a smile, which as time passes, is becoming less effective.

Greed is confident, proud, and humorous. He has a way with words and can effectively smooth talk others into doing what he wants. He can be manipulative at times, but spares those close to him from that trait. While skilled in battle, Greed tries his best to avoid taking the lives of others which sets him even further aside from both his siblings. He is a perfect balance between good and evil on a good day, and a force to be reckon with on a bad one.

Key Traits:

Intelligent ~ Optimistic ~ Humorous ~ Athletic ~ Compassionate ~ Charming ~ Confident ~ Dutiful ~ Aesthetic ~ Genuine ~ Romantic ~ Sociable ~ Studious ~ Witty

Negative Traits:

~ Conceited ~ Greedy ~ Meddlesome ~ Obnoxious ~ Regretful ~ Selfish ~ Thievish
Born to Amorette Aston and Kentaro Lykoi of Anathema. He grew up in his pack next to his siblings and mother. While his father was around, Greed never grew much an attachment towards him.