Thora Hurst

Out of Character

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In Character

Female 14 Apr 2010
25% Mexican Wolf, 25% Southeastern Coyote, and 50% Belgian Malinois Ortus
Overall Appearance
Although she is of average height, her lean frame makes her look taller than she actually is. However, all of her weight is muscle. She makes a great deal of effort to keep herself fit and healthy, treating her body like a weapon. She does have quite a few scars, though none are too large. Her left ear is pierced with two steel rings close to the skull, on the outer lobe. These stand out very well because her ears are black, though she doesn't have the mask common among Belgian Malinois. Most of her fur is a rich mahogany color, with her underside being a rich cream. The bottom of her tail is a darker brown, with copper scattered across it and the top of her body. Thora’s eyes are a smooth, smoky grey blue.
She doesn’t use this form terribly often, mostly preferring to stay in Ortus form.
Height: 31 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 60 pounds
Length: 5.5 feet
Coat Length: About 1 inches in summer and 3 in winter, her coat is always rather thick. However, it is never raggedy, because she always keeps it neatly groomed.
She uses this form more often then her Lupus, mostly for fighting with other Luperci.
Height: 42 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 125 pounds
Length: 7.5 feet
Coat Length: 4 inches long in winter and 2 in summer, this form is a lot more shaggy, and looks the most unkept, with a long and wild mane.
This is the most used of her form, and she is always in this one unless otherwise stated.
Height: 72 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 150 pounds
Coat Length: Only 1.5 inches long in summer and 3.5 in winter.
Long and smooth, her hair is mostly mahogany, with several copper streaks throughout. It is usually tied back with a leather thong.
Thora typically wears a piece of rough linen cloth, longer than it is wide, dyed a dull red color. In the summer she loops it over one shoulder and under the other arm, but in the winter it’s wrapped over her shoulders, and tied in the center of her chest. She also has a leather belt tied around her hips, with several pouches full of falconry equipment hanging from it, as well as a sheathed sabre sword. She also constantly wears a gauntlet, or a leather glove designed to allow the bird to perch on it without harming the wearer.
A very passionate and charismatic female, Thora had no issue with getting others to go along with her ideas, when she wants to. Most of the time she prefers to be on her own or in small groups, and is often perceived as being cold and aloof. When she does have people following her, she can be very controlling and domineering, wanting everything to go right. She is dedicated to her goals, and can’t often be swayed from them. In fact, the only thing that can reliably change her mind and attitude is a pretty face. On the other hand, if she does give up on an idea, it is often permanently. Her mostly dedicated nature would not lead most to believe that she is a very restless sole, prone to picking up and moving on at the drop of a hat, a consequence of living like a nomad for most of her life.

She is just as dedicated to and passionate about her partners as her goals, doing everything she can to make them happy. However, if she feels like a relationship isn’t working or going anywhere, she will just give up, and leave without an explanation. When a relationship is going well, she is very possessive, never wanting to repeat the experience of being cheated on. Thora is always protective, doing her absolute best to make sure the people she cares about don’t come to harm.

Her rather prejudiced upbringing has affected her to an extent, but learning that she’s related to a group her parents always taught her to hate has made her become much more empathetic. In fact, she will often identify as more coyote than dog. This broadening of her world view does not extend to her somewhat entitled nature. She doesn’t think that others should treat her as their better, as simply believing that she is.
Born on April 14, 2010, Thora was the only member of her litter to survive birth. Her father was Belgian Malinois, who was a slave and horse trader. Mathis is also strictly Roman Catholic, and had her baptized soon after birth. Her mother, Amara is a Mexican wolf and Southeastern coyote mix, who was pagan. The small family lived on an estate in New Orleans, staffed by slaves and servants. Her parents made sure that she knew the difference in rank between herself and the staff, particularly the slaves as soon as possible. Mathis used his wealth to give his family the best of everything in an attempt to keep his mate, but none of this could keep Amara happy because she just wanted to be free and explore the world with her family. Her desire caused the couple to drift apart, making them fight more and more.

To escape this, Thora began to spend time in the stables, learning about horses from one of the slaves. When Mathis realized her interest, he started to teach her about caring for, training, and breeding horses, even giving her a young mare of her own. He also tried to teach her about trading and bargaining, but she didn’t enjoy those nearly as much. Amara also began to teach Thora about her passions, sword fighting and falconry. She absolutely loved these, and practiced them constantly, reaching the point of winning almost every match she was in, as well as capturing and training her own birds, including a female Red Tailed Hawk named Valkyrie.

Eventually the tension between her parents became too much, and Amara left her mate, taking 7 month old Thora with her. They joined Amara’s pack in southern Texas, and she was introduced to her grandparents' religion for the first time. It had no name, but involved the worship of the gods of the elements and seasons. She was very invested in this religion and follows it to this day. As she became more active in the pack, she began to learn of its secrets. The biggest of these was that her grandfather wasn’t related to her. For many years the pack had only breed within the pack, leading to rampant incest This practice eventually led to many of them being infertile. Thora’s grandfather was one of these, so her grandmother slept with a Southern coyote to conceive pups. This revelation shocked her greatly, as she had always believed that she was better than coyotes. Learning she was one really shifted her ideals and worldview, driving her to become less prejudiced than either of her parents were.

This caused her to rebel against her family, in very subtle ways. She started hanging around places frequented by coyotes, hoping to get to know them, and understand the other half of her heritage. Eventually, she became accepted as an ally of sorts to the local clan. This friendship allowed her to get to know one of the young females, Seneca. The pair had a short, but very passionate fling. Thora told her mother about their relationship, but only admitted that her partner was female. However, she never told her father when he visited, because he would have disowned her. The pair went their separate ways after about a month, but it was an amicable break up.

The female left her mother when she was a year old, taking a young slave boy, Draven, two Andalusian mares, Valkyrie, and all the supplies they needed. Before the group left, Amara gave her a sword, which Thora uses to this day. The first thing she did was travel into Oklahoma, where she met up with a bandit group. She joined them by killing the lowest ranking member, and rose quickly through the ranks. The group used Thora’s hawk to find the caravans that looked worthwhile, then attacked and killed the traders and stole their goods. Many also raped the merchants, but Thora never had any desire to do so. During one of these battles, Draven was killed. As a result of this, she sold one of her mares, but kept Sundance, the mare her father had given her.

Once the group had gathered up enough loot, they would travel down to New Orleans to sell it. While there, she would visit her father, who thought she was a caravan guard. He would give her gifts, including a heavily tooled, dark leather saddle and bridle, decorated with pieces of silver. Of course, he didn't know that she would trade most of these for the smaller goods her group used as payments in bars and brothels.

Thora left the group in Missouri, after spending 6 months with them. She traveled for a few weeks until reaching Tennessee, and finding a small pack. She joined them, quickly becoming the top hunter, while keeping her past a secret. She fell in love with one of the females in the pack, Shara, and the pair became mates. They were together for 6 months before she told her about her past. It was only 2 months later that she found out she'd been cheating on her with the alpha. Thora lured him away and killed him for touching what was hers, and then left.

She traveled for months before finding another band of raiders, and killed the leader to take over. She created a strict hierarchy, with herself at the top. She gave out rewards and severe punishments to her men, cultivating a sense of extreme loyalty. This system was the same one her father used when breaking slaves, and was very successful. Thora began to use Valkyrie to scout out caravans once more, but this time, they took the merchants as slaves instead of killing them, allowing them to gather more wealth. Eventually, she became bored with this repetitive life, and left. Her band was desperate to keep their leader with them, but she was determined to leave, so they sent a sort of honor guard with her keep her safe. He was the group's best and most loyal warrior, Donovan. They traveled together, he on his gelding, and she on Sundance. They each took as many supplies and wealth as their horses could carry, as well as Valkyrie and his cat, Silver. The pair made it to Maine, where they heard about the Soul's area, and decided to travel there.