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In Character

Female 12 Mar 2010
50% Dog, 37.5% Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf, 6.25% Great Plains Wolf , 6.25% Mackenzie Valley Wolf Ortus
Pisces is a Sorrel Brown (#C7A883) wolfdog with an Albescent White (#F5E2D6) underside and accents. She is toned and lithe like a gymnist, noticeably flat-chested. She has a fluid way of movement that makes one think of water.

Her Wafer (#DECFC7) hair, streaked with Thatch (#B6A398), tumbles down to her shoulders in loose, messy waves and curls. It frames a unique face with vibrant Sulu (#CBF67F) eyes and a scattering of tattoos around the left. Three Granny Smith (#839895) stars dance above her brow, while a Romance (#FFFDFA) crescent moon curves underneath, along her cheek.

She is never seen without clothing and is usually adorned in pelts and hides as her culture dictates. She often wears the treated hide of her deceased horses and scraps of bear fur from her rite of passage.
This female is more than a wolfdog, she is a chameleon. Whatever you wish her to be she will be, but don't expect it to be for your happiness. If you are happy then that is simply an accident for this female is self-serving, whatever she can do to get ahead then she will take it not matter what.

Pisces is an opportunist an will jump on any chance that passes her by that she can use to better herself. To her it doesn't exactly matter who gets hurt in the process. The woman is emotionally stunted, unable to form true attachments with anyone. To her everyone an everything is replaceable. There are those she likes well enough but you won't find her mourning should something happen to them.

Just because the woman is unable to form attachments that doesn't mean that she is without passion. She has things that she is passionate about, things that she enjoys. Horses are a main hobby of hers, having grown up in a place where horses were raised and trained. But even losing one wasn't a great loss to her. She simply skinned the animal and wore its hide so that it would forever be with her. This has been done for other things that she has killed, allowing her to make her own clothing. Pisces will never be caught without clothing.

The stars are also a great interest of hers. She is able to point out the location on individual stars as well as the constellations. Pisces is able to navigate by the stars, choosing to plan most of her travels to take place during the night.
- Born in Baten Kaitos to Falcoln D'Angelo and Sienna Polaris

- At 6 months old father remarried and half-sister was born

- At 1 year left to kill a bear for Rite of Passage
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001: Without the pain there'd be no learning | Salsola; Marrgerd | Blair
002: Without the hurting we'd never change. | Salsola; Millstone Village | Loki
003: Oh and here comes the man with the stick | Salsola; Ruins | Rafael
004: He said he'd fish me out of the moon | Salsola | None
005: leaving proof of the damages done | Salsola| Lokr, Weaver, Osrath, Urho, Plague, Till, Elody, Calla, Artemisia
006: sunstone | Sticks and Stones; Drifter Bay | Osrath
007: Rowers gliding on the river | Seabreeze Brink; Halifax | None