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50% Grey wolf. 40% German Shepherd. 20% Husky. Ortus
Chrissy is a tall wolf with some abnormal features. Her pelt is black as night that looks makes her look like a shadow when she walks. Her chest is a lighter grey, while leading to her neck it is pure white. Chrissy's eyes are a golden color that seems to let you feel her sadness, and anger when she looks in your direction. She has a thick boned build than you can hear when she walks 'Thump. Thump. Thump.' Her tail is chopped halfway off being quite short, but not a complete stump. Her stance is not very formal she looks mostly like a hunter never one that would be worshiped. Chrissy has proven this to be a fact by gaining a large scar that crosses her left eye, and half of her ear on that side is missing as well. She has one unusual tooth sticking out of her mouth, and when she smiles it is noticeably longer than her other teeth.
Chrissy's clothing includes a silver ring hanging from her nose decorated with a diamond. She typically has a black deerskin cloak on her, or her golden ring. Her hair is usually up in a thick braid, and held back by a green weave of vine.
Chrissy is a completely unsociable person. She preferred to be alone for her own reasons, but she can be attached to some people, but typically only clings to one, or two. She always had something that just keeps her alert, and untouchable. She seems like shes almost perfect, but in her head she had many thing going on. One of those is doubts. She doubts every movement she makes, every words she says. Her heart had been shattered many times before, and for any soul wanting to hurt her again is down right evil. She typically doesn't talk to others feeling that she would only cause them trouble. Her fear is to be enclosed in a space she is not able to escape. Her eyes are full of stone with anger, and sorrow. If some hand were to reach out to her maybe she would heal the wound on her soul. She is full of emotions she doesn't understand, and maybe she never would. She has great desires she may never quench such as a family, some friends. Protection. She doesn't want to fight anymore. She typically doesn't have many sound following behind her except her crunches under her feet, and her shallow breathing. She is not the being you'd expect to see. Ever.
Born on the nineteenth of January her father raised her up to show the gods. He had the proudest expression she would ever see. He named her Chrissy. Meant to mean a glorious creature. It was all good until her mother was found dead in the middle of the night. Her father cried. He was a large man, and to see him shedding crocodile tears was a terrible thing. A man came over in the night to meet her father. He told him how his wife died. She had another pup inside her, but it was dead, and was stuck not able to be born into the world.
Her father was known as "Dad" to her. She was never actually told his name. They explored around, and he raised her to be a warrior, a fighter, not one to be loved. He was the only one meant to love her. Then. He died.
Her father was out gathering wood for a fire. He was drinking. He saw a beautiful woman, and couldn't control himself. He chased after her until she realized she was luring him into a trap. He was killed, skinned, and eaten. She knew because she followed them not knowing what to do. Poor Chrissy just watched until she dug herself into a hole, and slept.
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