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Wolf mixed with a husky Ortus
Zinone is about 5 feet 5 inches and her weigh is average for a luperci her age. Her mostly black coat has a bit of a shine to it when it is laying smoothly.She has bi-color eyes, the left one being a bright green, and the right icy-blue. Her markings consist of a white muzzle that stretches down her neck and a couple of large patches of white on her stomach area. Her frame is rather slim but her long fur hides the fact that she is a bit scrawny.

Zinone carries a roughly made cane with her due to her severely injured leg. About 58 % of her injured leg is covered in burn scars, with the remaining fur on it being thin patchy. Zinone hates the look of her leg and covered is up with a bandage. The the area near her leg has small burn scars as well though not as bad as her leg, which do change her fur flow.

Since Zinone never leaves Optime she normally wears a necklace with different bird feathers hanging from it. as well as a thin deer hide cloak. Zinone's wavy white mane hang down to the bottom of her ribs but she loosely ties most of it back with a leather cord, leaving the rest to move around a bit more freely.
Many might consider Zinone to be a cold due to her injury, but that is incorrect she tends to have a puppy like point of view to things, though her seriousness can be noted when certain subjects come up. She is very caring towards others. Which would end her up with helping strangers or even injured critters that shouldn't be used as prey.

If one was to explain Zinone to have a bit of mismatched personality then they would correct. Zinone tries her best to confuse others with how she acts as she has trouble trusting other Luperci unless she has been around enough to befriend them. She watches closely and decides how to act based on that assessment.

Zinones flaw tends to be that she can be to judge mental ending up with some other Luperci being a bitter taste in her mouth, especially when she is in a bad mood.With her judge mental nature Zinone is quiet about her negative thoughts, thought it is noticeable when her thoughts turn as her muzzle shifts into the smallest snarl. but it is also surprising how much she is open about herself as well considering her trust problems, of course this happens with friends.
Zinone was born to loner parents along with her twin sister on the border of the souls' territory. Zinones parents considered themselves traveling traders rather than loners. When both pups were ready to travel the small family set off, their plan was to exit the territories and return to their Uncle's pack. After a long trip they arrived to the peaceful pack. The second night of their stay Zinone woke up to the smell of smoke. She let out a whine of fear before running or it. Zinone was still in Lupus form and hadn't yet practiced shifting to much. in the panic and rush of the whole pack rushing around Zinone tripped, with her left hind leg landing into the flames. She gladly got out of the fire infested area but the pack was separated into was seemed like three different parts. Among the ones in Zinone's group was a healer who managed to fix her up with the limited supplies at the time. Finally after the leg healed Zinone decided to shift into her prefured form which was Optime to avoid dragging her injured leg around. The kind healer that helped her at first made her a walking stick. after a few months Zinone left the group to search for a pack to join, the only way she knew was back to the souls land.
Mother~ missing

Father~ missing

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