Voodoo Boucher

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Like her siblings, Voodoo is made up of three shades of dark brown and shares their disturbing red eyes. Her teeth are slightly less disgusting than theirs, but not enough that it really counts for anything. On your typical day she may be found in what was once a pearl-white flannel shirt, but she has since discovered how to fold it around her in what she claims is a more fashionable (see: sexually provocative, trashy) approach to a dress. Despite not being particularly tall, the woman is all legs and sinew; from the back she is the standard in what you would expect of her gender, but her teeth combined with the snarl that is typically displayed to all tend to be, at the very least, off-putting. Though she has easily claimed the mantel of 'most intelligent' amongst the three of them, Voodoo Boucher is still markedly unintelligent by normal standards, as displayed by her use of slang and offensive anti-gay, racial, and generally derogatory slurs. To survive amongst the two boys she has become extremely devious and manipulative, often reminding them that without her they would either starve to death or get themselves killed. Over time she has learned to grow and harvest tobacco, as well as how to create a decent batch of moonshine. Being the one of superior intelligence has, in many ways, brought about an element of narcissism to the woman; in the presence of most she will probably emit a certain holier-than-thou vibe, which is essentially the truth of it. Bossy, domineering and lascivious, she uses all that she has at her disposal to further her advancement in the world.
Born in Bayou du Chasseur, LA alongside two triplet siblings, Voodoo is the oldest of the three. Her younger brothers, in order of birth, are Buck and S├ębastien "Bass" Boucher. After a season of particularly heavy rains and flash flooding, they made the joint decision to head north where it was safer. Bringing with her a small collection of tobacco plants and the pieces required for an alcohol still.