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Rowtag stands at a relatively shorter height, standing at about 5’5 in his Optime form. Most frequently seen in his Optime form, he is not built for strength but rather speed, with a lean form. Due to the coyote influence in his blood, Rowtag is a male of rather petite and scrawny stature. Although Rowtag is quite fit, narrow shoulders and a small frame often deem him a miniscule threat upon a first meeting. And if one does come to that conclusion, they are pretty accurate. Thankfully however, Rowtag inherited thicker fur from the mutt blood running through his veins.

His pelt is made up of a curious blend of hairs, the majority being soft and fluffy. Rowtag’s thick undercoat is mainly cream based in color, lightening to almost pure white along his belly, chest, muzzle, and legs. Coarser guard hairs blend from cream to golden as they travel closer to his spine, giving Rowtag’s coat a warmer hue.

Rowtag displays the wider muzzle of a dog rather than the thin one of a coyote, giving him the face one might see on a husky or a malamute. Fine hairs ranging from white to cream cover his muzzle, throat, and eyes, a marking more commonly seen amongst dogs. His nose is pink in color, and a silver ring is pierced through the septum. Rowtag’s eyes are quite intriguing, as the left is colored an ice blue and the other a warm brown. His ears, straying from his otherwise dog-like appearance, are shaped more similar to those of a coyote. Along the inside skin of his left ear, a tattoo of three paw prints can be seen inked along the edge.

Most commonly seen in his Optime form, Rowtag can be seen sporting a braided hemp necklace featuring a carved piece of bone cleaned and crafted expertly to resemble the shape of a fang. Additionally, a leather satchel is commonly seen hanging from his shoulder, containing various needles and other tattooing and craftsmanship supplies.

Often Rowtag will be seen enjoying the company of his feline companion Sitala. About a year old, Sitala stumbled across Rowtag among his travels as a loner. She is small in stature, with sleek black fur and bright blue eyes. A defining characteristic is the kink in her tail as well as a crafted bone collar gifted by a loner.
If one was to assume that Rowtag was little to no threat upon first meeting due to his size, they would be quite right. Rowtag has a very submissive personality, not opposed to humbly yielding to the authority to a peer with little resistance. He has a very docile and laid back attitude, always one to go with the flow. If Rowtag had to choose his worst defining flaw, it would be his resigned attitude when it comes to arguing with hot headed opponents. He would much rather cave in to something that he doesn’t necessarily agree with to avoid any bloodshed rather than fight with tooth and claw. As implied, Rowtag has little skill with fighting and hunting, preferring to flee a tense scene rather than to break the tension. Due to his passive state, Rowtag prefers to be more of an active listener rather than the speaker when engaged in a conversation.

When it comes to his artwork, Rowtag is much more confident in his skill than he lets on. Not wanting to come across as boastful to his peers, Rowtag will often act humble about his work. However, it truly makes his day when he receives compliments and exclamations of awe when he is doing his work. Rowtag considers his craftsmanship to be his strongest, if not his only, skill. At the same time, even constructive criticism on his work will injure his pride. It will often take days for Rowtag to nurse his pride back to health after particularly scathing reviews.

Amongst peers, Rowtag is quite a treasure. Although reserved and even shy in some cases, he is fiercely loyal to those that deem his friends. He finds joy in giving others comfort, in whatever form that may be. Because of his trusting nature, Rowtag can be rather gullible.

Rowtag will try to see the best in even the worst people. This leads him to be seen as naive to skeptic onlookers. He makes decisions based on feeling rather than logic, which can be disastrous in some cases.

Rowtag is a daydreamer, often with his head in the clouds. If approached in this state, Rowtag will have a difficult time focusing on reality and may act confused or disoriented. He is also a hopeless romantic, although he would probably be too shy to approach someone that he has a crush on, preferring to admire from afar.
Rowtag spent his puphood traveling along the Halcyonln Mountain Range. With little memory of his birth mother, save her auburn colored pelt, Rowtag can only recall the period of time in which he spent growing under the care and guidance of his mentor. Although Rowtag was a pup at the time, and can not verify this, his mentor stumbled upon the ginger pelted pup on the brink of death from starvation and thirst upon her travels. With Rowtag’s mother nowhere in sight, his mentor took the pup back to her cave and nursed him back to health. For the color of his pelt, his mentor bestowed the name Rowtag to the pup, a name meaning “fire”. Rowtag proceeded to spend the rest of his young life on the rugged rocky terrain, mastering the shifts from Lupus to Optime form under his mentor’s gentle tutelage. Gradually, the young Luperci grew to favor his Optime form. His mentor, who lived her adult life as a loner, took the time to teach Rowtag the ancient practice of body modification through tattoos and piercings. Throughout his apprenticeship, Rowtag learned various skills such as forming needles from bone, pine resin and cedar handles as well as making ink from natural resources. He learned the basics of brewing alcohol and forming fire for sterilization and tanning prey hides for practice canvases. When his mentor passed peacefully from old age, Rowtag spent the beginning of his early adult life as a loner.

Not long after his mentor passed, Rowtag found that he longed for the companionship of others and was not made of the strong stuff most loners required to survive on their own. Before the first snow hit, he took a ferry across the channel to see for himself the Pack of Midnight Shores. Not long after he set foot on the pristine beaches of Prince Edward Island, he was accepted into the clan of craftsmen, artisans, and others of various skills and trades. Throughout his brief stay there, he found comfort in honing his tattooing skills and mainly keeping to himself while traversing the island by foot. Though he never made any close bonds with those in the pack, he was quite sad to leave the island upon the pack's disbandment and grudgingly returned to the life of a loner, though he didn't plan to live that way for long.
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