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Female 26 Mar 2015
wolf Ortus
Optime form, Grey fur,lighter grey stomach, pretty tall about 214cm, has a short tail about 40cm,dark grey fur around the mzzle, a crescent moon marking is present on her left cheak,a small scar on her left eye,black mane.

Secui form,ruffled grey fur, lighter grey stomach, darker grey muzzle,height 125cm, tail lenth 42cm long, a crescent moon marking is present on the left cheak, a small scar on her left eye,some black fur around her head area.

Lupus form, grey fur, lighter grey stomach, ldarker grey stomach, height 93cm, tail lenth 42cm, a faded crescent moon marking on left cheak, a small scar is present on her left eye, no black fur is present on her head area.
Calm, peacful and fearless, she is often calm and peaceful and tries not to fight but woont be afraid to do so,she is often in the forest spending time with the other creatures, she is fearless in battle and will fight to the death if she had to, she wont be afraid to end what she had started.

Competitive, she is fiercly competitive and will not be afraid to chalenge a wolf for his or her rank.

Adventures, she is pretty adventures and likes to explore new places from hill tops to goarges, she is skilled in finding her way home which took a lot of practice.

night owl, she tends to hunt and do things at night when the stars are shining and the moon is high.
she was an orphen at birth as her mother lost to much blood which caused her mothers death and her father could not take care of her so he left her outside a coyotes den to be eaten but instead they took her in as one of their own, she was raised in a family of coyotes. she taught her self how to speak even though it was hard to learn. she started to shift at an early age.
She hunted by her self all the time and normally ate rats or mice for her meals, she new she was a wolf because the coyoteas told her. Once she tried to join a wolf pack but was declined for accedentelly putting her paw over the boerder. she left the coyote family and lived in a hole in a neutrul territory, but later on decided to sleep under a tree under the stars.