Jayme Sutton

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In Character

Female 06 Jun 2010
50% Dog (Border Collie) and 50%Common Gray Wolf Ortus
Jayme is a Common Grey Wolf and Border Collie cross, with a little bit of other dog breeds added to the mix. She has the coloring of a classic golden Border Collie, with a dark, tawny stripe running down the center of her back. Her eyes are a warm indigo, the same as her mother’s, and everyone else’s on that side of her family. She’s taller than average, only by a few inches, but appears taller because she is thinner than the average Luperci. This is mostly because of a combination of a very active life and a high metabolism. Because of her thin but tall frame, Jayme prefers to use a long, thin rapier like sword, or a bow to fight opponents, hunt, or run off predators.

She’s nearing middle age, which is apparent in the flecks of grey dotting her muzzle. Her age is starting to become a little more annoying, aches and pains starting to pop up that were never there before. Old injuries, including a healed break in her right leg, are starting to hurt right before storms because of the drop in barometric pressure. However, she’s still fit and active, and is doing her best to not let her age slow her down.

Weight: 73 pounds (33 kilograms)
Height: 37 inches (94 centimeters)
This form is rather small and lanky, and she uses almost exclusively to herd animals, including sheep, cattle, and horses. Her fur is about 4 inches long and rather thick, becoming even thicker in winter, and shedding a ton of her mostly grey undercoat in spring.
Weight: 144 pounds (65 kilograms)
Height: 49 inches (125 centimeters)
She hardly ever uses this form, and when she does she is very clumsy, because she hasn’t used it very often. Her mane is extremely long, and stands out from the rest of her coat very obviously.
Weight: 210 pounds (95.2 kilograms)
Height: 6 feet, 8 inches (208.3 centimeters)
This is Jayme’s most often used form, and this is obvious in the care she takes with her appearance. She almost always wears a loose, long, wool cloth draped around her shoulders to serve as a cloak, and a variety of necklaces and bracelets, mostly made of wooden beads and bone, adorn her. Her hair is carefully styled into a ponytail, pulling it up and away from her face. If it is a special occasion, she will braid it elaborately.
Jayme is a curious and enthusiastic female, full of boundless energy and stamina. This energy means that she always wants, even needs, something to do, whether that’s herding, riding her horse, or hunting, doesn’t really matter. She’s passionate about absolutely everything in her life, from her relationships to her belongings. While it is a very good motivator, this passion can also be her downfall, because she feels so strong about people and things, that when she loses them, she’s absolutely devastated. Her independent, self-confident, and curious nature mean that she’s very willing to explore new things and ideas. She wants to learn as much as she can about all that she can. This is why she tried out every line of work and visited every place she could. In fact, it’s why she’s in North America in the first place.

It can be a little difficult for the high strung hybrid to relax and just enjoy life, but if she really tries she can, mostly through alcohol. However, she becomes stressed very easily, leading her to drink in an effort to relax, and cope with her problems. Jayme stopped drinking almost entirely while she was with Emmaline, but their breakup drove her straight into the bottle. She narrowly avoided becoming an alcoholic, turning instead to meaningless sex, fueled by her very active libido.
Jayme Sutton was born on a farm a few miles from London. The Sutton’s were mostly Border Collie sheep herders. Her mother, Ceara, was the youngest daughter of the family. She helped her family drive some of their flock to London to be sold, which is where she met Jayme’s father, a Common Gray Wolf named Leo. He was there to purchase some of the animals, and the pair ended up sleeping together. Both of them left the next day, and never saw each other again.

Ceara gave birth on September 6, 2010, to one pup, Jayme. She spent her early life on the farm, her grandparents using her to herd their flock while she was unable to shift. Once she could, Jayme learned about the care of sheep, how to dock, neuter, sheer, milk, and help them give birth. She also helped out on neighboring farms, usually in return for learning about the animals they kept, in particular, pigs and horses. The female vastly preferred horses, hating the smell of the swine. In fact, she loved the horses so much, that when she turned a year old and left her family, she found a job as a stable hand in London.

She spent six months working in Cornelius Dahl’s stables, starting a fling with his daughter, Addie during that time. The pair were extremely passionate, and found multiple places where they could sneak in quickies, with Jayme sneaking into her bedroom every night. This kind of reckless behaviour was dangerous, especially behind the back of Addie’s dad, who absolutely hated it when low and high class Luperci mixed, regardless of their genders. When he eventually found out, he flipped. Cornelius immediately sent his daughter to her grandmother’s house, hoping she could teach Addie the error of her ways. Jayme, on the other hand, was beaten by a group of thugs he hired, giving her a couple scars, and thrown out on the street. Threats dogged her for days, before she finally arranged passage on a boat across the Channel.

The female meandered across France until she reached Paris, becoming a butcher’s assistant when she arrived. She liked the work well enough, but she preferred to spend her time partying, doing her best to forget what had happened in London. Jayme started to smoke and drink more and more, only sober while working. This was the start of her recurring habit of getting blasted and sleeping with the nearest willing person, regardless of gender. She spent almost a year in this fashion, before she grew sick of it. She left her job and joined up with a group of nomadic traders, the Ibarra family in particular. Jayme became proficient at the use of a sword, and more knowledgeable about horses as she travelled across the Iberian Peninsula with the group for a year. She was good enough to win against less experienced swordsmen, but couldn’t beat a truly gifted or experienced sword fighter.

She heard sailors talking about the new world while in Lisbon with the traders, and was so fascinated by what she heard that she decided to leave Europe, and the traders who had become part of her family. She would miss them more than she missed her own mother, but she felt that she had to forge a new life for herself. To do this, she hired on to care for the equine cargo of a ship headed across the Atlantic Ocean. It left a few days later, headed to Barbados. Jayme got to know the crew during the voyage, and made friends with quite a few. In fact, she ended up getting a brand of an anchor on her hip from one of them.

Once the ship docked in Barbados, Jayme and the horses were put aboard a different vessel, built for the shallow coastal seas. It was a relatively short trip, and she didn’t get to know the crew all that well. She spent most of her time grooming the horse and making them look beautiful for their new owner. They were dropped off in New Orleans, and the horses went to the male, Arsenio Palomer, who had arranged their transport. He was so thankful to Jayme for making sure they all got over okay, that he took her on as the horse’s permanent groom.

Her duties were simple and easy to complete, so she focussed on other things, namely another servant named Tillie. She was a young, sheltered dog, easily impressed by Jayme’s many stories, and even more easily seduced. However, this relationship quickly became very serious, and stayed serious for about a year. Thier relationship was going so well that they were trying to find a way to have pups together when Tillie’s parents arrived in town. They were very religious, and hated their relationship. Her father forced her to leave with them, and when Jayme attempted to help her escape him, Tillie told her that she wanted to leave, and didn’t want anything to do with her.

This traumatic revelation and breakup pushed her into a 3 day bender, during which she slept with every person interested in her. Once she sobered up, she left the city and rambled up the east coast, getting drunk every time she had the chance. This continued for 6 months, until she wound up in Freetown and helped a farmer shear his sheep, a perfect reminder of her homeland, and of how her mother expected her to conduct herself. Jayme took stock of her life, and decided to change it. She wanted to be successful, she wanted to be respected, and she wanted to become a part of a family. She traded all of the wool she’d received in return for helping him to purchase a perfectly average dun gelding, of the Baroque type, who she name Berk, and set out.

The seven month old son of the farmer she had helped, named Rich, whom she’d told stories of her travels to, tracked her down before she could leaved Freetown, and asked to join her on her travels. Jayme allowed him to tag along because he had his own mare, and knew how to handle sheep. She wanted to establish her own small herd, and could use the help. They made an odd pair, but bonded quickly and easily. They meandered up further up the coast into Nova Scotia, collecting the odd sheep whenever they could, eventually reaching Souls’ with four, a ram and three ewes.