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I've come and gone from 'Souls a few times now and know a few of the older faces around here. I'm really friendly and love making friends on here. About my threads and reply speed, please just keep in mind that I'm a full time college student with 2 majors and a minor. My reply time will likely be medium to slow at best. I'll try my best to stay on top of things, but I'm sure everyone can understand that school comes first. :)

In Character

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Wolf Ortus
Alec's fur is mostly made up of light, goldish-white fur along with some grey and a little bit of brown (In an agouti kind of pattern). Around his eyes and down his back there is some grey, but on his front and limbs there is mostly light fur that is different hues of yellow/gold and white. He has deep green eyes.

*For more details on his physical build and appearance, see his wiki.

Optime: 6ft 10in, 250lb (82in 208cm, 113.4kg)
Secui: 46", 155lb (117cm, 70.3kg)
Lupus: 35", 95lb (89cm, 43kg)
Free-Spirited, Passionate, Curious, Cynical, Guarded, Loyal, Mischievous, Naive, Kind, Inquisitive, Intelligent, Observant, Stubborn, Proud

Those are just a few words that describe Alec. He has a good heart, but due to his past and upbringing, he is very naive while at the same time being very cynical and skeptical. He is very free spirited, not wanting to feel controlled or like he does not have control over his life. He can be stubborn and bullheaded at times, but in reality he is a very curious and inquisitive person, wanting to learn new things and even getting excited when he does. There's so much out in the world that he is unfamiliar with that it often fills him with wonder. But he doesn't like people knowing how little he knows, so he'll often put on a big face or act disinterested initially so he doesn't seem easy to manipulate.

He is guarded initially due to this, but once he gets to know someone, they can see that there is often a light in his eyes at the idea of exploring and learning more. He is extremely loyal to his friends and he can sometimes have a strong sense of justice, though if varies from matter to matter.

*Note: Alec does not know what it is like to have a friend yet, other than his mare. As he develops more I will fill this out more, but for the best idea of Alec's personality, please see his Wiki.
*Note: I'm going to give a very brief overview of Alec's past here. For more details on his Birth Pack's customs and a more detailed account of his upbringing/past, please see his Wiki*

Alec was born into an extremely religious pack. It was almost cult like. The pack members were taught to be extreme pacifist, there were arranged mateships within the pack, and members of the pack were taught to give up the desire to lead their life or make choices for themselves, and to give up their lives for their deity to silently guide as he wished. Alec often silently (and sometimes not so silently) rebelled against the teachings of the pack. He was a hunter, the lowest possible rank for males within his pack, and a larger wolf, which was looked down upon within the pack because size could only be good for aggression, and so he was often silently condemned in his pack. Alec was miserable and restless within his pack, but knew no other way of life and as the possibility of another way of life was never taught in the pack, he assumed others out there were similar to what he already knew. But the breaking point for Alec was when he was forced to watch as a slavery brutally beat and maimed a slave who had tried to escape, because his pack did not believe in violence even in the defense of another life. This was the final straw for Alec, and he soon left the only thing he had ever known and set off into a world that was almost completely unfamiliar to him.
Selina McCormick- Mother
Ermac McCormick- Father

Starling, Alec's mare and his only friend for much of his life.
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