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Even as a young pup, Elisabeth's wolfish nature was evident. It has only grown more so as she ages. Her build is stockier than most coywolves. Only her longer ears and slightly narrower muzzle give away her coyote blood. Her height in lupus form is on the small end of normal at 27in and 62lbs. In secui form she is 38in and 130lbs. Her optime form is 66in (5'5") and 150lbs.

Elisabeth's coloration is a mixture of black, grey, and white. Her back is a mineshaft black lined by boulder grey lining that covers her ears and most of her tail. Silver runs along the grey and extends from her neck to her tail and covers most of her legs. Her face, belly, paws, and underside of her tail are all quarter pearl lusta white. Spots of the mineshaft black cover her eyes and the top of her nose, extending up the bridge and protruding down from her forehead. Her eyes are a currently blue but by the mid April they will turn coal grey.

Elisabeth's hair in optime form is naturally wavy. Her hair is a mixture of white, gray, and black. It drapes down her back, ending at the bottom of her shoulder blades. She typically wears a crown of braids that comes together on each side to form a singular braid. This braid rests on top of a bed of loose hair.

When Lis howls she typically starts off high pitched like a coyote and occasionally gives a single bark at the beginning. But as her howl draws out it deepens into a distinct wolf song. Her howl is almost equal in length to a wolf howl, but still remains a few beats short.
Elisabeth started out as your typical, hyperactive, inquisitive pup. Her favorite pastimes included stalking her family and Vesper, both at appropriate and inappropriate times. She grew to practically worship both her father and Vesper, idolizing them and everything they did. She had a list on which she would rank anyone she met accordingly, with Vesper and her father on top.

Now that she has grown, her tastes have grown as well (although she still enjoys stalking Vesper). She's become more awkward around Vesper as well. Plus, she has become more remote when dealing with the pack. She has realized that she is somewhat different from the coyotes and coywolves. Her wolfish nature has started to drain her confidence as it contradicts her coyote supremacy beliefs.

Elisabeth did not take her father's abandonment well. She secluded herself even further from the pack and has become more malicious in her pranks. Her temper is shorter as well.

But she still has a fun loving side. Growing up without any playmates, Lis has learned to keep herself entertained. She enjoys racing the tides on the beach and playing in the moors and marshes of Inferni. Her love of water has grown and on nice days, it isn't unusual to find her soaking wet.

Elisabeth is the one and only child of Nex De Le Poer. Her mother was an outsider named Media. She was born in Inferni and was raised by her father and Vesper. Molca acted as a pup sitter for her when it was required and has taught her most of what she knows.

Nex abandoned Lis to go on a religious pilgrimage, leaving Elisabeth without a primary caretaker. She left her home in the caverns, but remained well inside Inferni's territory. She stopped taking care of herself and learned how to do things through trial and lots of error. Lis didn't have her first shift until she was 11 months.
Father: Nex De Le Poer (missing)
Mother: Medeia (deceased)
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