Scourge D'Angelo

Out of Character

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Tue May 03, 2016 2:37 am --
Carya Aston (primary) 32
Fri Feb 10, 2017 1:54 pm

In Character

Male 03 May 2016
Wolf Ortus
Scourge has a charcoal colored pelt with grey and white markings on his chest and face, he has flecks of white on his chest as well as white tips on the back of his neck much like his mother. his eyes resemble that of his father's. Anything but little- although the runt- he is currently a fat little fluff ball.

In Optime form he will be lean, and tall with white hair like his mother, that he often pulls back into a bun, very rarely wearing down on his shoulders, but when he does it is slightly wavy and gives him a more feminine look. His ribs show, as he has a very rapid metabolism. He eats, but can't seem to put on any weight.
Scourge is very quiet, and almost skittish in nature. As a pup his voice is raspy and when he talks (or rather if) it's rather sarcastic and crude. He can thoroughly talk to others when he wants to and thinks about it, but most often he responds with quicker ways and often doesn't make much snese. He doesn't get along with his siblings because they're big meanie heads and like to chew on him. His mom is his protector who kisses his boo-boos. As he grows older he'll develop a more snarky personality. He respects women and thinks they're precious. Except his sister who's mean. (Likely to change as he grows). He might even grow up to be a slight man-whore, oops.
One day, Bane gave birth to him, and now he's currently running around causing mischief.
Mother: Bane D'Angelo
Father: Basilaris Eternity
Siblings: Misery D'Angelo, Mandrake D'Angelo, Grevious D'Angelo
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