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In Character

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Baffin Island Wolf X Alaskan Tundra Wolf Ortus
Avatar made by Libri <3 she did a fantastic job!!!!

Height + Weight:

Lupus - 63cm, 30kg
She's small, even for a Baffin Wolf, it is easy to tell that she has feminine features in this form, and that she is like a little black dot in the distance...

Secui - 81cm, 48kg
She's still small compared to most canines... and she doesn't look very menacing, her body gets bigger, her fur gets a little longer, and her claws are much larger. But that's about it.

Optime - 171cm (5ft 6in) 56kg
This is her most used form.
She's small... it sucks, but she can't help it. Genetics just didn't favour her as much as it did with her siblings, though she's short, she isn't skinny, and for her height her weight is basically "on point" and she is quite agile and fit.
Able to run at fast speeds if she has to.
She does retain a very feminine shape, she has curves and that she can thank for her mother for.
Her face is petite and almost pup-like, giving her an almost innocent look about her.

Her hair in her Optime form is the onyx shade, just like her primary coat colour.
It's quite long, and it reaches down in loose waves down to her ribcage.

Eye Colour:

Right Eye
Bright Pink #FF007F

Left Eye
Dark Violet #9400D3


Primary Colour - Onyx #0F0F0F
Covers 99% of her body! This includes her hair in her Optime form!
Secondary Colour - White Smoke #F5F5F5
Only seen on both tips of her ears and the tip of her tail.

Overall her coat is a little fuzzy, but looks relatively smooth and doesn't really "buff" up her already small stature.

Humanised Accessories:

  • Silver hooped earrings (placed on the lower part of her ears)
  • Large white hooded cloak
  • Leather sachel
  • White cloth (covers her lady chest :P)
  • White Shorts (tightly fits her thighs, and only reaches half-way down her thighs)
  • Journel
  • Pencils

She likes to wear a lot of white, to make her stand out more form her near black appearance....
Her voice is light and soft, and rather gentle, and even when she's angry... she, well... doesn't sound too intimidating.
Her family call her the "black sheep" of the siblings, but she's hardly the rebellious type.
She's called that because of her gentle nature compared to her siblings, though loving as they are, they're boisterous and loud, whilst she is quite the opposite, she's timid and tries her best to be kind to all.

She is very protective of those she loves, though she has a lot of trouble trying to actually intimidate those she's warding off.

She's a lover, not a fighter, and would much rather stay out of the fight as she knows she'd be a liability... she doesn't really have a mean bone in her body and it does take a lot to get under her skin, even those who are obnoxious and rude... she can bat it off with a few blinks of her eyes and just carry on being smily... which would probably annoy a lot of people...

She has a huge interest in writing and reading, she always get's herself lost in all kinds of novels and could talk about them for hours if anyone was willing to strike up such a conversation with her.
Her writing skills are quite exceptional, due to being stuck at home and didn't have much to do apart form reading books and wiring her own stories and such...

Seeing as she has't been able to hunt much or do a lot of hard manual labour, she's a bit of a clumsy individual and also rather jumpy... mostly when someone comes up behind her. XD

She has quirks... when she's exited she'll suddenly get a random burst of energy and look likes she's had WAY too much sugar...
When nervous she fidgets, rubs her hands or talks extremely fast and stumbles over her words... either quirk cold happen if she feels nervous and exited.

PLUS she's an angry cryer... when pushed to the point of no return and she's really mad, the water works starts, she hates that about herself but she can't help it, and she has a knack for choking them down and looking pained when trying to control her tears...
She hates crying in front of people...

When it comes to her sexuality, she's only ever had one crush, but that was when she was little... So, really, her sexuality isn't quite set yet, apart from being demisexual and monogamous. Those morals and values were taught early in her life and that love is the most precious thing one could possess.
She just doesn't know if she is attracted to males only, or females... or both... or one slightly more than the other... that is something she might figure out in life.

IF she ever met someone and began to grow feelings for them, she wouldn't know how she would act.
She'd most likely be all over the place, and probably embarrass herself with her nervous quirks.
Her parents met in rather rocky circumstances. Her mother was from a small pack on Baffin Island and her father was from the mainland.
He was a nomad and went from place to place as he pleased, of course he had family too, but he was young and yearned for adventure. Whilst she was grounded with family to look out for.

He was Luperci and, well, she was't... but she had no idea that he was something that her family had a disdain for... the two met during early Autumn/Fall in the year 2014 and fell in love when winter approached.
Her parents strictly forbade her from seeing him...

But of course, like most love stories that involve testy youngsters, she rebelled against her parents and... well... ran away with him.
This whole time she had no idea he was Luperci... till he mated with her, not only did she fall pregnant with his pups, but she had become infected with the virus.

Feeling guilty for keeping his secret, he told her what he was and what she was most likely to become, and as if she had been slapped in the face, she ran off in tears and went back home.

But her family didn't want her, with his scent all over her, they told her to leave... and for the next few days after that, she was alone.
She managed to survive those days catching small prey and keeping on the down low, but her former lover eventually found her again and explain that he could help her have a new, better life... and basically begged her to be with him again.

She could't trust him anymore, well... not as much as she used to, but with nowhere else to go, and no other connections that could help her... She went with him.

So he then took her to the mainland which really wasn't too far away. But they still needed a boat to get there.

He taught her how to read and write and even convinced wear human clothes, though never forced her to do so... He offered and waited for a respond wether it be a "yes" or "no"...

During this time their pups came into the world, which was when Adaline came into the picture. Though as the runt, she wasn't expected to survive, but she proved her parents wrong...

Adaline felt as if she grew up in her siblings shadows, seeing as she was so small and fragile, her parents babied her a lot, and her siblings would often tear her about her size.
It used to get to her when she was a pup, but as her personality began to set, she realised the teasing was just them joking around, they meant nothing of it, and she would often joke back.
She soon learnt that her parents loved her just as equally as they did her siblings and knew she bested her siblings at other things than phaycal labour.

She is very fond of her family, adores them all, even all her extended family, well only her fathers side, she has met them and is close to all of them.
Her fathers side is made of her paternal grandmother and grandfather, her two aunties, and three uncles, and her various cousins that run a muck!
She adores them all.

She knows little of her mothers side, as she was told near to nothing about them. She knows she has grandparents and an uncle, but she doesn't know their names.
She used to ask a lot of questions about them as a pup, but her mother would often grow sad and just skip the conversation entirely.
She doesn't know why she'd keep that sort of stuff from her, even her father would brush the questions off...

She always wanted to meet them, and never let the questions and thoughts of them die, but she reframed herself fork speaking about it.

Once she neared her first birthday she began to wonder what life without her family would be like, life in a different pack, new faces and such. The thought frightened her but exited her all the more.
Eventually she told her parents that she wanted to go out on her own for a little, unlike her siblings who were tied to the family pack, Adaline felt as if she needed to grow some more, and work more on herself without the over protective hands of her family, which she was thankful for, but she knows she can't be sheltered forever.

And so... After her first birthday passed, she set off... But with the promise of visiting her family from time to time.
Intermediate Family:

Marcus Everheart - Father
Thessia Mora-Everheart - Mother
Astrid Everheart - Sister
Jasper Everheart - Brother

Extended Famiy: (Paternal Side)

Geoffrey Everheart - Grandfather
Luna Harthwright - Grandmother
Faun Everheart - Aunty
Jessamine Everheart - Aunty
Benjamin Harthwright - Uncle
Caelen Everheart - Uncle
Jeofry Everheart - Uncle

Extended Famiy: (Maternal Side)

Una Mora - Grandmother
Sergeant Mora - Grandfather
Hail Mora - Uncle