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Always up for plotting, feel free to PM me if you have an idea that could use a blunt/cynical dog. Also, please PM <this> character, I may take longer to notice PMs on my others.

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Male 07 Apr 2014
Dog(White Shepherd 85%)Wolf 15% Ortus
Standing at five foot seven inches, and weighing one hundred and seventy pounds, Janik was smaller than the average Luperci, but slightly above average for the dog breed that constituted most of his lineage. His overall physique is athletic, muscles honed by a militant life that offered no room for laziness on his part. Unlike the most recent generations of his extended family tree, Janik conforms rather close to what was at one time was the White shepherd breed, but his ancestry isn't entirely pure. His larger paws, and bushy tail hinting at the wolf blood that found it's way into his family tree.

Short white fur covers the male, his nose, and paw pads all black. Healed scars run vertically along the right side of his muzzle, the result of another Luperci raking him with their claws. Another knife wound scar is visible on the bottom left of his back, right above his flank. His eyes are a forest green.

Rarely seen with much in the way of non-functional clothing, preferring a primitive cloak of furs to stave off winter's chill, but more inclined to travel lightly in warmer months. A belt to carry his skinning knife, and crudely made hide backpack his most common attire.
If summed up in a single word, Janik could be described as cynical. It's uncommon for him to trust strangers, even if he recognizes the value of trading with others, he'll rarely turn his back on them. This mistrust is doubly true when it comes to the opposite sex, convinced that where most Luperci will betray him if given the opportunity, a female would be actively looking for such an opportunity.

Diplomacy is something that Janik understands as a concept, and could probably make a fair effort at it, but he instead has a tendency toward raw honesty. If he is offended by someone else, or feels he was wronged, he is more likely to say as much. That honesty can sometimes mix dangerously with his healthy dose of confidence, the male not likely to be the one that swings first, but his sometimes snarky attitude offering sparks for potential fires.
Not... actually sure how to make his backstory very abridged at all. (See his Wiki for a more detailed Story-esque background. It's not /entirely/ complete yet, but I plan to finish it!)
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