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Dog - 75% saluki, 25% Ibizan Hound Ortus
Nineve's body is long and trim, primarily that of a pureblood, feathered Saluki save for her slightly sharper facial features. She is not especially tall, standing roughly 63cm at the withers, and currently weighs 12kg, although she typically fluctuates between 16 and 17kg and has simply lost weight after being outcast. Nineve is covered in lean muscle and is extremely fast and agile; she can run long distances at high speeds without tiring, and her coordination has improved as she has gotten older. Nineve’s eyes are a cool, pale violet that appear nearly white in the right light. Her coat’s coloration, pure white with a faint hint of cream at the tips of her feathers, is not especially complicated; however, what her coat lacks in fine detail she more than makes up for in elaborate scarification and branding, both of which were status symbols in her home. Nineve was forced to leave before she was put through all of her rites, which she regrets, but she wears the markings that she does have with a good deal of pride – for her, they are representative of both life experience and mental fortitude.
Nineve is rarely, if ever, seen in her secui form – in it, she feels gangly and uncomfortable, and her movements are often clumsy and awkward while she is in it. She is not very much bulkier in her secui form than she is in her lupus form, but she is definitely larger, taller and longer, with limbs that seem almost spiderlike; they seem too long for her body. In addition to changes in her physique, Nineve develops a slight mane while she is in secui form, as white as the rest of her and straight as an arrow. She stands roughly 75cm while in secui form, and weighs 23kg.
The form that Nineve most often appears in, her optime form is very slim and willowy; she does have slight feminine curvature, however, with notably more definition to her hips than to her bust. Standing roughly 5’6” and weighing roughly 45kgs at present, she isn’t an especially intimidating creature to come across; she has plenty of lean muscle, but there is still no bulk to Nineve. She frequently wears jewelry in her optime form, but she very rarely wears clothing proper. Her mane grows quite long in this form, tumbling mid-way down her back; it is pure white and straight as an arrow, and she often braids it or ties in feathers and strands of beads or other shiny things. Keeping herself clean is extremely important to Nineve; while it is partially for the sake of some degree of vanity, it is primarily because she doesn’t want to chance anything infecting or irritating her multitude of brands and scars. As a result, she is always very neat and preened.<br> Nineve’s movements are very quiet and graceful – in her optime form, all of her movements seem to spring from her dancing. This isn’t for the sake of embellishment, at least not primarily; rather, Nimue taught her to walk and to dance at the same time, so it comes by her naturally. Nineve’s posture is rather submissive and shy, giving the impression that she is very demure; her voice is exceptionally soft and airy, like a woodwind instrument, and she is often accompanied by the earthy smell of herbs and flowers.

(Reference is a work in progress.)
Lineage Brands : As a member of a relatively high-ranking family, Nineve’s brands are on her chest, right above her breast. Her family’s brand depicts an orca, body curved into a leap.
Mount Brands : Nineve’s brand is on her right hip, and it is a simple tree, without any leaves.
Messenger Scars : Nineve's messenger scars depict a rudimentary bird about to take off; sets of three circles are also cut under each eye, decreasing in size from the caruncle on.
Fertility Scars : Nineve's are shaped like two curved branches, arching up either side of the abdomen, with small leaves growing from place to place.
Herbalist’s Scars : As Nineve was an aspiring herbalist, her scar is a simple, swirling design in between her eyes.
Companion Scars : For Zarah, Nineve has a set of scars on her left forearm that take the shape of a simple snake, curled around the arm.
Hunter’s Brands : The back of Nineve's neck is branded with a triquetra.
Trader’s Scars : Three-lined, simplistic scars cut across the shoulderblades in the shape of wings.
Death Brands : The death brands are applied on the wrist, and are small double spirals.
Exile’s Scars : A long scar down her muzzle, with three scars across.

-The only piece of jewelry Nineve ALWAYS wears is the necklace that has Thaegue’s bone on it; thin and gold, the chunk of bone is the only charm that occupies the three loops that circle around her neck.
-Her favorite bangle is made of an old, petrified piece of black wood, which was apparently something the tribe received from an African trader and was given to her when she turned a year old. The bangle is carved with a multitude of graceful, vine-like designs.
-She has several other necklaces, and, if she really feels the need to look impressive, she’ll throw them on over Thaegue’s.
-In her optime form, she always wears Nimue’s ring – it is golden, with an extremely dark amethyst inlaid in the center.
-Nineve can sometimes be seen wearing a sealskin cloak, which is lined with thick bear’s pelt; because her fur is quite short, it prevents her from freezing, most of the time.
-She also has a dancer’s uniform, made of thin, pale gauzy purple silks – it was a gift from Nimue, and apparently belonged to their great-grandmother.
Nineve is a soft girl.
Reclusive, eccentric, and nervous to the point of paranoia, she is nonetheless eternally optimistic and selectively naïve; while she is more than capable of recognizing the bad things in her world, she often chooses to ignore them, and, in her relatively young age, remains blissfully innocent and impressionable in her own way. Nineve is abnormally quiet, but those that provoke her into conversation will find her pleasantly witty and eloquent, blessed with a silken tongue and a careful control on her expressions and behaviors – outwardly, she appears extremely polite and submissive, but her rare sarcastic quips suggest otherwise, and, despite a constant stream of uncertain, validation-seeking “right?”s and “I think”s, she seems to have the making of a cunning manipulator, with time and the proper training. Although Nineve is generally a kindhearted and relatively warm soul, several months on her own have done much to harden her, and she has become considerably more wary, guarded, and desperate as time has stretched on.
The basis of Nineve’s entire being, however, is her "witchcraft" , though she did not consider it to be more than spirituality and a particular interest in plants until she was branded a witch following her sister’s death. As a girl, only barely able to speak, she claimed mediumship – what others dismissed as a young girl’s imaginary friends she considered spirits. As she grew older, this interest in the occult developed into an obsession; a relatively nomadic lifestyle and a family of traders was good for gathering books and learning all about the plant life of various locations around the Americas. She developed a ravenous appetite for all of the remaining, although usually extremely damaged, literature she could get her paws on, learning the languages from the individuals she encountered in her travels. A decent understanding of some low speech was necessary as a traveling trader, so she began to pick up the stories and knowledge of the local flora from as many species as she could, although a great deal of information was completely lost in translation. As a result, Nineve is a talented herbalist, storyteller, and linguist, despite her young age. She knows the land well enough to nearly be a part of it and adapts to unfamiliar environments with a practiced ease.
This obsession, however, has led to a certain, disconcerting habit – Nineve often speaks to herself, or, rather, to a being she calls “Thaegue.” This Thaegue, she claims, is a spirit, although of what sort she is not completely sure, because Thaegue is more of a feeling than a stable presence, and he’s old enough to have lost most of himself; she seems set in the notion that he was a great white bear when he was living, however. Nineve insists that she is able to “hear” Thaegue inside of her head, and she sometimes holds conversations with Thaegue. Initially, she spoke to Thaegue regardless of whether she was alone or not, but, as of late, she seems to have become cognizant of the implications. Whether Thaegue is simply a delusion of a lonely, abandoned girl or something more sinister is largely up to the observer, but Thaegue is most definitely seems to be a reality to Nineve.

Herbalism: Nineve is a herbalist at heart, and she has spent her entire life observing and documenting the various qualities of plants. As a result, she knows a good deal about herbal medicine, and, conversely, poisons – she can brew up something for most ailments, but her diagnoses are very hit-or-miss.
Dance : Dancing, to Nineve, is as easy as walking or riding.
English : One of the two primary languages spoken in her birth pack, and one of the two that she is fluent in. She is able to read it fairly well, and often writes in it.
French : One of the two primary languages spoken in her birth pack, and one of the two she is fluent in; she is better at reading and writing in English, but she can usually understand French writing.
Spanish: One of her family’s primary trade languages, Nineve understands a decent amount of Spanish and can read and write basic messages.
Italian: One of her family’s primary trade languages, Nineve understands a decent amount of Italian and can read and write basic messages.
Arabic: Her mother sometimes used it around her family, but most of the younger generations in the pack don’t speak Arabic. Nineve knows very little, apart from a few words and phrases.
Low Speech: Nineve knows a few dialects of low speech with varying degrees of fluency, and she can make educated guesses about a few others; that isn’t to say that most don’t stump her, however.
Bow-and-Arrow: Nineve is a decent shot, and she is improving as a result of having to fend for herself.
Tailoring, Skinning: Nineve is capable of mending her clothing to a rudimentary extent, and she can skin pelts, although her work is typically messy and clumsy.
Jewelry Crafting: A hobby for as long as she’s had hands; she isn’t especially talented, but she can make small adornments that are fairly nice to look at.
Hunting: Nineve is not a particularly talented huntress, but, in recent months, she has experienced a steep learning curve, and her skill while hunting has improved; she is learning to utilize Nuada and Herne to her advantage while trying to shoot prey.
Scouting: Because of her two “eyes in the sky” and her constant movement during childhood, Nineve is incredibly in tune with the world around her.
Nineve was the second living child of the youngest son of the head of a relatively small band of traders, and the only one born in her litter – as a result, she was spoiled relentlessly by her parents and her older sister, Nimue. Nineve was always a little bit odd, going on and on about spirits and ghosts, but she was well-liked for her eager-to-please attitude and curiosity, and she wanted for nothing. They never thought her preoccupation with the supernatural especially concerning; she was an impressionable young girl, after all, and she’d probably just heard one too many stories by the fireside at night. She would grow out of it.
Childhood was relatively quiet for Nineve. Her family came and went from month-to-month, and they always brought back baubles and books for her; she read voraciously. At four months, she joined them on the trade routes. This was an especially influential time in her life, and she spent it learning about the plants and animals of other regions. Early into her first trip, Nimue gifted her a thick, loosely bound journal, and, because the girl could not write yet, she wrote down her different observations on the herbs and the stories of each area they passed through every night. Sometimes, unnervingly, she told Nimue about the spirits she would come across; Nimue, a dutiful sister, wrote down her notes, but it always seemed to make her nervous. Nineve still writes in this journal, and adds new pages whenever she can.
Nineve began to shift when the family returned from their fifth trip, and, as such, was expected to tame her mount and her messenger. Nuada was the fledgling of a pair of messengers, and he took to Nineve immediately; she didn’t have to capture her messenger, like most. Herne was a bit more difficult. He had been captured by the pack while he was still extremely young as an experiment, but he was notoriously ornery and aggressive. When Nineve went to choose her mount from among the pack’s unclaimed, she found him deathly ill in the back of the stables and entirely unwilling to allow anyone near him. It took several days, but she eventually coaxed the young bull elk to allow her to approach, and it was her nursing that brought him back to health. Many of the pack questioned her decision to take Herne as her mount, but she had gained his trust. Nimue began to teach her tradecraft and dancing, crafting and writing, hunting and skinning – all of the things that she’d watched, wide-eyed, before she could shift fell neatly into her paws, but she found them far more difficult than she’d expected. After she was determined skilled enough with her companions and a bow to hunt, Nineve was sent out to make her first kill, and, upon returning, she was sent with Nimue on her first trade run, during which she came across Zarah. All was right in her world.
The eve of her first birthday, Nineve was sent out into the artic on her own, only to return in three days’ time. It was a customary ritual that she had been looking forward to for months; when she came back, she would be considered an adult in the eyes of the pack. However, during her trial, she became lost in a horrible snowstorm, and when she returned to the pack, she was delusional, snowblind, and deathly ill; she babbled nonsense about a “Thaegue” to everyone that would listen as though she could say nothing else. Nineve was quarantined; herbalists would rarely work with an infectious specimen. It was assumed that she would die.
Nimue claimed to be sick with the same illness so she could care for her, but, as Nineve began to recover, Nimue fell ill. Nineve was too weak to care for her, and, after nights and nights of watching her sister toss and turn fitfully by her side in the sick den, she watched Nimue die, all the while begging her to stay. When the herbalists came to find the sister’s corpses, they only found one. This was precisely when Nineve’s preoccupation with the supernatural came to bite her in the back; after all, if Nimue, the older and stronger of the two, had died, how had Nineve survived? She was accused of being a witch and using her powers to murder her sister. Weak, confused, and distraught from the loss of her sister, Nineve did not fight the accusations, and she was exiled, but, for her family’s sake, given supplies to allow her to survive until she reached more populated areas.
Several months later, Nineve has waned thin, both literally and metaphorically; she has grown quieter and more skittish, and she is plagued with guilt over her sister’s death. Lost and uncertain, she wandered into the territory of ‘Souls, in search of a fresh start.
Nimue Emiliana – Nimue was Nineve’s older sister and perhaps the most important influence in her life; she was a loving sister, and she always supported Nineve, even when she was acting…strange. Unfortunately, she perished while trying to nurse Nineve back to health from an illness she ultimately caught, and it was her death that led to Nineve’s exile.
Zarah – An albino eastern indigo snake that typically resides in one of Nineve’s saddlebags that is lined with sealskin and bear’s pelt for warmth, Zarah is dependent on Nineve for survival; not only was the snake born exceptionally weak, but she was deformed to the point where she lacks eyes. As such, she is completely blind, and Nineve has established that her sense of smell is also exceptionally poor. Had the girl not found her tangled up in a thorny pit of brambles while scouting with her sister, Zarah would most likely have died. However, because of the almost ritualistic role of snakes for healers and spiritualists in her birth pack’s lore, Nineve considered it her duty to take the snake in, and has cared for her ever since, providing her with food, water, protection, and a near-reverent respect. Despite Zarah’s fragile physical condition, she packs a nasty bite, and she isn’t especially friendly to individuals who aren’t Nineve. Zarah is also quite intelligent, and, although Nineve is still learning her dialect, the two can exchange simple messages; Zarah has also began to pick up on some broken high speech, and, when her meaning is completely lost on Nineve, she will sometimes spit out a few words or simple phrases to try to get the point across. When the two aren’t on the road, the weather is tolerable and relatively warm, and Zarah feels like stretching, she can often be seen curling around Nineve, almost like a living piece of jewelry. Currently, Zarah is nearing two feet long. Nineve collects her snakeskins whenever she sheds them, and she often dyes them to sell. Nineve has a small golden collar for Zarah, inlaid with a small blue stone, which she removes when the snake is eating; she has to have it resized from time to time because Zarah is constantly growing.
Thaegue – The ghost of a bear that is tied to the bone around Nineve’s neck, or so she says; she never actually takes off the bone for anyone else to find out. An older, wiser ghost, probably going to fade away soon. Nineve has made it something of a personal goal to help him find out why he is still bound to this world, as most of his memories faded when something happened to the rest of his skeleton.
Nuada – Nineve's gyrfalcon messenger. Cuddly. Stoic. Dislikes Zarah. A whale bone charm crafted by Nineve sits on his tarsus.
Herne – Nineve's roosevelt elk mount. A bit of a spitfire, will probably try to fight you if you aren't Nineve and you try to touch him. Huge, but still a very graceful creature. Has the same brand as Nineve on his right hip. Sometimes, she twists stuff around his antlers.
Nicnevin – Nimue's messenger, a grumpy raven. Followed Nineve, at Nimue's request, when Nimue died. A fox bone charm crafted by Nimue sits on her tarsus.