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In Character

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Coydog Ortus
Fast-talking. Happy-go-lucky. Never serious.
Though he was born into the serious and industrious Casales family, Trinidad never did fit the mold. The younger brother in a large family, Trin had no delusions, or desires, of inheriting his family's prestigious ranch. He was, begrudgingly, taught the family trade but at every opportunity evaded the work, eventually finding a place among the jovial and fire-loving coyotes. The coydog was irrevocably enamored by their 'party' lifestyle, to the chagrin of his family, and spent his days in a state of near-constant intoxication.

Not long before his second birthday, his family brought down the hammer. They plucked him from his hedonistic life into one filled with an entirely different kind of sweat. Guilt and a sense of familial duty, reinforced by his older siblings, kept him at the ranch for a few long months. But when an old friend came to him with a promise of freedom and lucrative ventures, he couldn't say no. Without remorse he packed his things, strapped them to his favorite cow, and left his family behind him.

The group stayed a few days in Freetown, and when the rest moved on Trin, and a few others, stayed behind. He spent the next months living it up in the bustling port town. But then the meteor fell and his idealistic world turned overnight into chaos. With the town destroyed and unorganized Trin set out (before he could be coerced into helping) to reconnect with the rest of the Ceniza coyotes.
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