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Hello! :3 Everett is my secondary, so please send all PMs to Seb's account. Thanks!

In Character

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Everett is petite, with a leanness to his body that speaks of his birth as a runt. The male is dainty and androgynous in all of his forms with a slender figure that lacks mass in the sense of muscle or fat.

An underweight frame is covered by thick, double-coated fur that grows into 'feathers' about his stomach, legs and neck. A curled, Spitz-like tail rests against his flanks. Hidden amongst the layers of his coat a long scar graces his shoulder; it was inflicted by a glancing blow from a sword.

In Optime, his hair is kept short and styled into soft spikes using natural waxes. Everett is highly humanised, and can often be found in his bipedal form. He fashions himself after a gentleman, typically found in formal wear, with a collection of jewellery.
Someone once said, everyone merely uses a facade, to protect the secrets and failings that lurk beneath. Once you peel away this polished veneer, their truths become apparent. Everett was no different and followed these words when first heard. On the outside he maintains the appearance of strength and confidence in his world, whilst harbouring crippling insecurities and lingering doubts.

The gentleman enjoys meeting others and learning new customs and ideologies, and is comfortable sharing at length what he has learned. He takes pleasure in amassing and distilling information he has gathered and seeks to further his understanding through discussion with others. The strain of his elitist roots resonates within Everett still, as can be evidenced by the level of care he pays to himself, his belongings and his plans - each detail has been chosen with the utmost care. The very thought of diverging from the course he has set himself is jarring, and acts of spontaneity are alien and foolish to him. The fires of ambition burn brightly within the man, as he dislikes compromising his ideals or settling with conformity. He sets his sights considerably high for himself, as he believes that through focused effort and hard work he can achieve what he sets out to do.

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