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50% Timber Wolf, 12.5% Arctic Wolf, 37.5% Dog Ortus
Besekel has dichromatic eyes, with his left eye being a light blue and his right a sharp yellow. He closely resembles more of his mother in looks, having light grey hair covering his body and white hair around his face, hands, and lower legs. He also has tan lining his eyebrows and ears, the left ear having been bent by his now deceased sister when they were pups.

Besekel wears a black hoodie jacket with a grey V-neck shirt, and cargo pants.
Bes is the more quiet of the two twins, often letting his brother do most of the talking when the two of them are together. By himself, Besekel is a little more outgoing, but this trades off with his awkward and quirky nature, making him more anxious and flustered when alone.

He has a deep capacity for empathy, which was a strong component in him becoming a medic. Sometimes however, that empathy can lead him to adopt others pain as his own, ultimately causing him to go into a depression as he tries to help carry the weight of other people's problems.

Besekel will often speak with a stutter when nervous or scared, but more of a subconscious memento of his mother's speech impediment than a tick of his own. He also puts his hair up in a, "warrior's wolf tail" whenever he works or acts professionally, a trait he picked up from his mentor.
Born in Anathema to Lukos and Nyx, along side his brother Uriah and ill-fated sister.
Father: Lukos
Mother: Nyx
Brother: Uriah