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50% Coyote, 37.5% Dog, 12.5% Wolf Ortus
May is a meek girl with a thin willowy frame, she has light tan blonde fur and long straight off-white hair that hands in her face and covers one eye at most times. She has grey paws and ear tips and a white belly as well as a few scattered darker splotches.

24 inches
40 lbs
34 inches
62 lbs
110 lbs

May is quiet, shy, and reserved. She is the kind of person who loves to read and to learn and to be alone, but when she is around other people her insecurities begin to emerge. May is fearful of rejection and craves attention and love although she doesn't know how to get it, and she may try to compensate via flirting or other methods that she doesn't know much at all about. May also has many fears and a fragile psych, she may shut down if faced with too much stress.
Born and raised in Anathema.
Mother: Nyx
Father: Liir
Inca- Brother
Uriah Greyfire- half brother
Besekel Greyfire- half brother
Song- half sister (deceased)