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This artwork has been deemed 'free to use' by the artist themselves. I lay no claim over this artwork, and will remove it upon request of 'Soul staff or the artist themselves.

Original Work:

Immense. Titanic. Monstrous. Ominous.

A mere few words that come to mind when one conjures the thought, recalls the memory, or stands in the presence, of the she-beast Prudence.

Prudence is colossal in every sense of the word; with a towering frame of immense bulk and bristled fur that stands at the jaw-slackening height of approximately seven feet – though none have ever been able to gain a true measuring of the hulking Luperci, no recorded nor word of mouth sighting has ever stated any less. Beneath a rough coat of perpetually thick, dishevelled fur that is the colour of fresh snowfall, lies a heavy-set body of thick, corded musculature. Tendons and sinew lay lumped and swollen beneath her rugged pelt; bulging and ballooning her shape into one that radiates raw, unrivalled power. Though her ceaselessly dense coat mellows the compacted definition of her herculean anatomy, were one to shave away that opalescent covering, there would not be a single cord nor band unseeable to the naked eye.

From a distance, any creature would mistake Prudence for that of an exceptionally fit male, due to the fact her torso is V-shaped with broad, strong shoulders topping a barrelled chest. The only indications of her gender are the mere facts that she lacks a girthy sheath, that her sizeable chest is adorned with thick, fur-covered breasts, and to those with more keen, perceptive eyes, the vague curves that line her Godlike form.

Her pelt of white fur never seems to thin out, and only grows ever more dense when the harsh, bitter cold of winter strikes the land; unlike her brethren who take exceptional care of their coats with constant grooming and washing, having chosen to live the life of a wild, untamed beast, her fur is of the same nature as well. Rough, bristly, knotted and coarse to the touch – a dip in the lake or the wet strokes of a broad, smooth tongue being the closest things it has ever received to a proper grooming. The thickest part of the white, unkempt forest that is her fur is gathered around Prudences massive, bull-like neck; its spiky shape trailing down between her hefty shoulder blades; steadily fading into an equal length as the rest of her bodies mangy brush at the centre of her spine - forming an immense furred mane befitting of the barbaric Luperci.

Befitting to carry such an enormous frame, her skeleton is appropriately sized, and it shows in the backs of her huge, furred palms as well as the top of her thick toes and bent, padded feet. Knuckles the size of golf balls bulge out her coat and flesh, as well as lined bone structures that form the very supports of her large appendages undulate and shift with every movement, causing haggard fur to ripple. Talons of ebony sprout from the very ends of meaty fingers and heavy toes; curled inwards and gleaming with their razor sharp curves to inflict greater damage to whichever unlucky foe or prey should be subject to their grasp.

Beneath the snowy overlay of unpleasant bristles, lies a coating of thick, tough flesh – comparable to old leather in terms of texture and density – that is as deep a black in colour as Prudences claws. Its only visible points being the rock-like paw pads that cushion the crushing footfalls of her titanic rear paws, as well as on the palms of her massive, beastly hands and the underside of her clawed fingertips. Her lips are thick, rubbery and perpetually moist with a thin lining of hot saliva - along with her nose, hypersensitive and always wet to the touch, coated in a mix of spittle and external mucus to prevent damage from drying out. Yet underneath its cloud-like veil, Prudences frame is littered in numerous battle scars – it nearly impossible to count how many lurk beneath such a rough hide, but there was no question to just how and why the female has become so brawny; through many wolf years of fighting to survive. Countless encounters with brutal weather and unforgiving beasts of a lesser mind but strong-set body have left many a mark on Prudences frame, and when stroked, they can be felt as bumps ranging from full protrusions to soft lifts in the skin under her fur.

Prudences teeth, from an unknown number of wolf years thriving in the most harsh of territories, have been shaped and moulded to best aid her in her quest of primitive survival. Curved fangs of a dulled, yellowish white, protrude from her upper jaw and leer atop her bottom lip. Their rounded tips may give the illusion of dullness, but with a jaw bite force of some 600+ PSI, even rounded tips will find no difficulty in wrenching apart the toughest of flesh.

Above the pair of lethal chompers, between a thick, furred brow and long, twin ears of a rounded triangle shape, rest the eyes of the beast. Two orbs of intense, mesmerising topaz in colour; golden flames rippling, flashing and gleaming in the shadows with animalistic essence. Contrasting shockingly well against the mangy coat of white. When flashed directly upon with a bright light, Prudences pupils glow a range of changing colours; red, yellow or even green depending on the intensity and just what kind of source the light facing her is coming from.

A giant white female Luperci with black skin and yellow eyes. Heavily muscled, with mangy, thick fur and many scars lying beneath it. Also huge claws and teeth.
A force of nature; the raw element of the wild beast that most keep caged deep within their core, notions of concealing ones most primitive, bestial drive to be shaped and moulded into an individual of societal acceptance so that they may wonder under the illusion of freedom by abiding by strict, governed laws and not face deep consequence, cause the maw of the great white she-beast to wrinkle and contort in a thunderous snarl of immense loathing.

Prudence is the very terror that the tales of old warn of; a savage beast with an everlasting hunger for flesh, incapable or unwilling to be bound by law or words of commandment. Despite the immense intelligence that resides in her sentient brain, the behemoth intentionally overshadows what one might address as a mental state of civil thought with the deepest, most primal urges of the animal that she was born into being.

She is bestial in every essence of the word, however, she is not an evil creature; she is merely instinctual, and basic. Preferring gut feeling over incognitive thought to dictate and guide the actions and decisions that she takes. Despite thriving in the path of the beast, her deep-set thought process of becoming a wild creature has had its backlashes; those that once sought out companionship were chased away, either with tucked tails or snapping teeth. The path of the wild Luperci, Prudence quickly learned, is a lonely one. It is not known if such a fact causes her distress or longing, for if she feels such things, she has never shown it.

She is primitive. Preferring to act like a beast rather than a civil being, but whilst aggressive, she is not explicitly evil, nor is she stupid. Simply primal by choice.
Prudence’s true origin is unknown, for the strict reason that the goliath of a she-Luperci simply refuses to share her story.

What is known, however, is that she does not spawn from any local town, nor any typical setting – her immense size alone is enough proof of that, let alone her unyielding savage behaviour. Despite the true place of her birth being a mystery, it is no secret that the lands of which she spawned were as harsh and as wild as the she-wolf herself. Despite her immense bulk and nearly impossible stature, she manoeuvres across the most unforgiving terrain with elegant ease most unfitting of a colossal Luperci – twisting and nearly dancing around thick trees, as well as leaping over heavy rock formations that would otherwise be classed as dangerous, and warned about towards the common folk who make a habit of trekking into the wilderness.

Rumours are whispered through the maws of those who have either experienced and encounter with, or have heard of, the alabaster goliath that terrorises whichever unfortunate section of the wilderness her travelling paws have walked onto; words speaking of a heavily repressed and sheltered cub that was neither allowed to be her own self unless it confided to the strict rules placed upon her, are passed from pointed ear to pointed ear. Words of a young pup, born into the blood of the Luperci, steadily formed a deep and rising anger and resentment towards those who withheld her freedom, until one day, she would have it no more. An explosion of caged wrath quaked the very home the pup was raised in, and after a most violent display of raw emotions and instincts coming to light, heavy paws thundered into the wilderness to never return.

But such talk is only rumours, lies and conspiracy.
Isn’t it?