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Male 17 Aug 2014
Northeastern Coyote Non-Luperci
Rhys is a very thin, and lithe coyote, who's height is a bit below the average for the majority of his species. His shorter height is not due to a lack of food when he was growing up, rather he was the runt of the litter that miraculously did not perish young.

Sporting a rather dark coat of fur, this young boy can easily be described as a melanistic coyote. Though his coat is not a solid black color, rather it is a mixture of black to grey markings of many different shades. Rhys also has some bits of light fur on his face and chest, though they are hardly white, more of an off grey color. The eyes that frame his dark face are colored like most other canines, a lovely shade of yellow. This male's dark fur also has a coarse texture to it, as well as some softness from his puppy-hood that never quite went away.

Since he is also still rather young, this boy has yet to receive too many scars due to the natural wear and tear of survival. Though Rhys does have a semi-noticeable scar on the left side of his face, right on his lip. The scar was given to him, when he was younger, by a Fisher, when the creature viciously grabbed onto his muzzle while defending it's well earned kill.
Due to growing up as a secluded loner, Rhys has learned to be very cautious of his surroundings. He's mainly survived this long with the idea of always being one step ahead of his predators, whether that means by stealing a kill, or running and hiding before getting spotted. Rhys can be described as nervous as well, jittery and possibly even paranoid.

Despite this though, he is fairly kind. If he isn't in dire need of anything in particular, Rhys will probably be friendly towards unknowns, yet cautious as well, choosing to be more curious than aggressive. This doesn't however mean, that Rhys wouldn't attack someone if he were desperate for something like food, shelter or water. Try to keep in mind that when provoked, it only takes so much before this canine will lash out. This is most certainly due to years of being nothing more than a coyote bent on survival. Rhys would probably regret hurting someone who didn't deserve it, but everyone has to do terrible things to survive.

One other thing to mention is, Rhys is extremely quiet, not to mention he's picked up the survival habit of watching everything, and everyone around him. Before doing anything dangerous, it wouldn't be hard to guess that this coyote has checked everywhere he can see for threats.
Rhys was born into a litter of three, which is rather small considering where his mother, Athena, lived. This is due to his mother's rather old age, as Rhys’ litter would soon be her last. The three siblings were all healthy, though Rhys was the smallest out of all of them, the runt. He was also the most dark in complexion, though he wasn't the first dark pup whelped by Athena. Must have been something in her genetics, though she didn't have any knowledge of that term.

Growing up into the harsh world of survival, Rhys soon learned from his mother that they were some of the last Coyotes that hadn't become Luperci, which were a race of creature that lived further south than the pup had ever dared go. These upright, shifting canids were always rather strange to Rhys. His whole family tried their best to stay away from the small packs of Luperci that roamed near their homelands, not understanding their odd ways of life.

Once Rhys had become of age to leave his mother, the youngster said farewell to the only coyotes he knew, and began surviving on his own. He knew how to hunt, how to scavenge, but the world was a strange one. If he wasn't hiding from larger predators, he was trying to find food in lands that didn't have much other than small prey. Eventually, the world began to get colder, causing less and less food to be available.

This caused the coyote to wander further south, into unventured Luperci lands. By this time, Rhys was two years old, and the cold was fast approaching. His previous winter, Rhys had his mother and sibling's help to survive. Now, he was alone. The male is scared, lost in unknown lands he doesn't understand, near a species that is altogether terrifying to the small predator. He'll have to learn how to survive here, and do it fast.

Or he may not survive the winter chills.
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